The blogger is currently addicted to:

- Sleeping. The night after she went back from Langkawi, she slept for 12 hours (12am - 12pm) and skipped her breakfast. A new record for her.

- Eating chocolate, as expected. She wants to grab another Kisses from her dining table when she is typing this.

- Looking for short pants.

- Going out and not staying in the house. Once she reaches home from somewhere else, she'll feel extremely B.O.R.I.N.G.

- Chatting with her friends. She misses them A LOT. She means it. But not everyone go online at the same time. Sigh.

- Swimming at club. She went there with her wet swimsuit for 2 days in a row. Who cares anyway, swimsuit is fated to be wet. But her hair is facing a great risk due to overexposure to chlorine. LOL

- Talking about the Langkawi trip with her family, especially to her parents. Almost everything can be associated with Langkawi. She hopes that her family is not sick with her for this. Hahah!

And the blogger misses the 3 days A LOT. She says: "i miss.....'':
- The moment on the plane to Langkawi.
- Bella Vista, our Disneyland. *ahem..ahem..*
- The Naza Ria.
- The moment we sing aloud in the car.
- The moment we eat together.
- The moment we sleep together (Er, somehow?!)
- The moment we talk until late night.
- Those beautiful photos.
- Theme song no.1: "Neng Bu Neng Gei Wo Yi Shou Ge De Shi Jian? Awwhh!!"
- Theme song no.2: Wei Ni Er Huo.
- The Tengkorak beach
- The banana boat.
- The moment we went back from the beach to hotel, the guys were still shirtless, and almost everyone was WET. *youngster nowadays..*
- The moment i screamed " Wake up larhhhhh!!!! 8 o clock liao larhhhhh!!! No one talk to me! I'm so bored! Wake up Wake Up Wake Up!!!!" (New alarm tone created by Super-efficient-but-very-annoying-alarm-clock-Miss-Tee-Yi-Ting. Peace.)
- The stupid sofa. That contribute to the 8 cm scars on my leg.
- The sea breeze blowing on my cheeks.
- The sea view.
- The moment i stood at the front part of the boat.
- The expression on Mandy's face during the cable car ride.
- The sunset.
- The moment we go round and round at the roundabout.
- The moment we tried to get lost.
- The moment at Dataran Helang.
- The moment they rushed up to the room just to fight for the toilet.
-MY chocolate ice-cream.

And the list keep going on. There are too many of them to be listed out one by one.

And the blogger is currently (again) missing her friends. Sigh, sigh.

p/s: Heee.. i changed my layout, and it is WHITE now!! Haha! So i can have colourful fonts next time. =]
p/p/s: plan no.1 to no.3 fulfilled. No.4 changed to "sing aloud inside the hotel/car". Just fulfilled plan no.16. =D
p//p/s: i miss someone, a lot.