Week No.3

Paper1 was OK. But no artwork is produced on that paper because i went out earlier (Try going out early once and you'll feel like trying it for the second time. Heh. Besides, i have not finish studying my experiment by that time, OK?).

Paper2 was tougher than Chemistry. Heard some people say that, if you did extra, the examiner might just mark the first two and ignore the others. HOLY SHYT. I did 3 questions for Section B, and the blood-related question was the 2nd one! And that was the question that i simply crap. Ughh. By the way, for the question on nutrition, i have mention about fibres for 3 times for the 3 sub-questions. The examiner must be thinking that this student is in love with fibre.

Paper3 was OK as well. But i ALMOST fall asleep! *blame sheen yeen for singing that song. It made me laughed so much until i lose my concentration. LOL* I was so blur and ALMOST mistaken abiotic factors as biotic factors, and vice versa. LUCKILY I RECHECK. lol.

Paper1 does not have much calculation. I think i pressed my calculator for.. less than 10 times? For 50 questions? Ugh. I would prefer calculations. Besides, it is PHYSICS. Calculation SHOULD be given the priority right? Anyway, currently know that i answered wrongly for 3 question. One because of CARELESS mistakes (as usual.) and one is due to.. excitement. EXCITEMENT KILLED ME. Hard to be explained here, it is just another example proving my stupidity.

Paper2. I almost laughed when i saw the roti canai thing. It reminds me of SMC. Later when we went there for lunch, and while Shaunie was waiting for her food (quite impatiently), we were saying "That guy should use hot plate R (The last one. Is it R? Memories failed me.)". And Mandy thought it was the plate we used to put our Roti Telur. *laughs*

Paper 3 was... a big headache! When the invigilator asked us to tear out the question paper for experiment, and i took a glance on it, the line "I'M DOOMED" immediately popped up in my mind. Hell. Don't know how long i took just to stare at that two question, thinking which one to choose, because i have no idea for both. Finally i chose the magnet, but it is not the absolutely-right experiment. Die, die.

Paper1 (essay) was.. not really OK? While i was writting the 4th point, the time left 10-15 minutes. I wanted to sacrifice the 5th point but i didn't. Eventually, i ended my essay like crap. Ugh. Ugh. And this word>> 涉, was hiding at somewhere in my brain during the exam, and i couldn't dig it out. Damn. There was more than 10 times that i WANTED to use that word but i just FORGOT how to write it. Argh!

Paper 2 is THE MOST SHYTTY PAPER IN SPM 2008 freaking hard. I mean it. HARD. Wait for the next two post to see how i curse on it. I JUST WITNESS AN A1 FLY AGAIN. Yea, don't have to comfort me this time. I've never score an A1 for my Chinese, neither in mid-term nor trials. And WTH, this paper was so HARD compared to my trial. Die lah.

Paper1. Ok, OK.

Paper2. I was smiling to myself when i saw the title for the writing. LUCKILY I TOOK BIO MAN! So i just vomit out whatever crap that i've learned in Chapter6 of Form4 Biology. But doesn't mean that I'm getting an A1 for sure. They said "add another point", and i was thinking of fibre. Yet, when i finished writing on mineral salts, the remaining space was limited (yea, yea, too syiok of writing craps that i know, and accidentally crapped too long.). Besides, i was rushing for time. So i sacrificed fibre but go to my conclusion. WHY DID I MENTIONED ABOUT FIBRE FOR 3 TIMES IN MY BIO PAPER BUT 0 TIME FOR EST? *it is useless now.*
And ta-da! Week3 is officially over. Most of my classmates are celebrating now, i guess. For the last 10 minutes during EST2's exam, the students had started to shake their table, showing their impatience for trying to stifle the loud "yeah!". So as well as the exam was OFFICIALLY ENDED, those that merdeka screamed their heart out. Owh.. Owh.. i still got ACCOUNTS! I did not witness the celebration ceremony as i'd hopped on to my mom's car. Someone played with mercun, i heard that. But i'm not officially merdeka yet! My cousins, who took SPM like me, can enjoy themselves now. Awww.....

Just bear with few more days. =D
P/s: Stupid SMC. The fella wanted to saman us when we brought Yasmin's rendang to eat at there. (YASMIN'S RENDANG! YUMMMM....) Not like none of us are ordering his food? And OBVIOUSLY students are their main customers. They can just tutup pintu during school holidays. Ugh.

P/p/s: Pet sis, Ai Wen gave me my early birthday present! Woooohhh.. I know, it is like.. 1 months earlier? But i was quite surprise. F.Y.I, i've been owing ALL my friends' birthday present for this year. ALL. [if cakes and sharing presents are not considered, larh.] To those friends, if you are reading this, SORRY!! Anyway, back to the present, one of it was a shoe keychain! One of the keychain that i wanted much whenever i see one. Hah! And there was also a bottle filled with stars, which was handmade. It reached at the right time. I just broke mine few weeks ago. LOL! Once again, mei, if you are reading this, thanks!

OK. Have been crapping so long. I shall stop now. =]