I feel like running into the exam hall and sit for all the papers NOW.
(But you are not fully prepared, right? You have hell lot of facts that you memorised but couldn't recall.)

But I'm so, so, so, SOOOOOOOOOO bored of staring into any books anymore!
(Just have to hold on for a few hours. Exam is at 8.10am tomorrow. It is within less than 24 hours from now. Heh.)

It doesn't apply on Bio only. It applies on ALL the subjects. Be it Physics, Chinese, EST, or even Accounts.
(Just one more week! And you'll gain total freedom!)

Ugh. Ugh.

The cerebrum of blogger is currently functioning abnormally. At such critical moment whereby she SHOULD study hard, yet she had lose all her interest towards books. Weird, weird. Maybe:

- The neurotransmitters in her brain is flowing in the wrong direction.
- The nerve impulses in her brain is transmitted from axon towards the cell body and to the dendrite.
- The synaptic vesicles is unable to fuse with the presynaptic membrane, thus the neurotransmitters is unable to be secreted, and the nerve impulses are unable to reach her brain.

That was why she came out with such W.I.E.R.D post.


I'm going out later, even though tomorrow is the subject that can greatly affect my future career.

Don't care lah!