Graduation and my Earliest Schoolhood Memories [Part 1]

So it was graduation yesterday. Nothing grand. Before that was Majlis Restu Ilmu, a simple ceremony that we've attended before during Form3. Simple, yet meaningful.

During Form3, i was wondering as i saw tears shedding down from the other's cheeks during the ceremony. It is just some Thank You ceremony mah, what's so sad about it? Yet, truthfully speaking, the one in Form3, is different from this one in Form5.

Pn Rahimah, my chemistry teacher, was one of the teacher who stood at the beginning of the queue. A teacher who has been trying hard to teach her student despite her not-so-good English. Whether or not that she's able to get our attention in the class, that is another matter. On top of everthing, you can't just deny her good efforts. Even though, i was one of the bad student that has been talking and giggling non-stop during her class, and fall asleep right in front of her. I apologised, i hope she listened.

Next was Pn Khursiah, my maths teacher since Form 2. Recalling my memories in Form2, i could still vividly remember how we started to complain everytime after she left the class, and prayed hard not to get her as our maths teacher on the following year. Of course, the prayer has failed larh. Nevertheless, she was one of the teacher that witness my growth in my secondary school life. She got high expectation on me, yet i just dissapointed her in the trial. Yes, she could nag us for one whole period with her facts-of-life, but she just want to shape us to a better being, right?

Later on it was Pn Ong. She gave me a big hug, a hug that further induced my sad feelings. Pn Ong was my maths teacher in Form1 and Add Maths teacher for now. Yet, the rule she played in my life, and probably in all my friends' life, was not just a ordinary teacher and fed her student with knowledge from books. She is like a mom to us, that helped us out so much (especially in Girl Guide stuffs), and never hesistate to give advice whenever we need it. It is not easy to get a teacher, whereby whenever you enter the staffroom, you can just hop to her place, and greet a big "Hi Teacher!" with a big big smile. Once again, thanks Pn Ong!

Pn Reetha was repeating the line " Good luck for sejarah!" to us during the ceremony. She is a special history teacher, indeed. I mean, even though history is all about memorising that 2 bloody textbooks, a teacher to motivate you (and try to make you fall in love with this subject) is essential too. If all the history teachers are gonna be bore i could just burn that 2 stupid books. Damn. OK larh. Just kidding. I finished revising sejarah for now (WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! oops.), so i dont hate it that much for this moment. =D

Pn Chan was not in the school yesterday. Still sayang-ing her Baby Sophie in the house, perhaps. Like Pn Ong, she was one of the teacher that helped us a lot. And not that you can easily get a teacher telling you ghost stories in the class, right? Sometimes she was like a big child when she mix with us, which make her a good friend to us other than her status as our teacher. Thanks, Pn Chan.

There are still many teachers out there that i want to thank but not listed down here. =]

Right after the ceremony, we went back to our queue, sat down, and wanted to continue doing our Chemistry / Physics/ Sejarah.

The sad feeling was still there in my heart, and i couldn't concentrate on my sejarah book. After awhile i finally cried, as i saw tears rolling down SY's cheeks. After awhile the wind blew and some impurities entered my eyes and my tears rolled down due to itchiness. I didn't cry. =D

Ok. I was lying. I cried. But just awhile.

The ceremony was too short. Graduation ceremony was short as well. There's no atmosphere for tears to shed as everyone started to camwhore and sign their T-shirts.

Oh ya, during the speech given by dont know who, i was actually giggling with Phaik Imm and Peh Ge, and signing the T-shirts as well. That was why when that fella asked "Who think he/she can get all A's in SPM?", my name was mentioned, and all of a sudden, dont-know-how-many-pairs of eyes were set on me. Obviously, i still dont know what was going on, which explain why my face appeared to be so >> [O_O].

I'm blur. What to do. =D

After that, it was camwhoring session! Hahaha!! So everyone is taking photos with everyone, and the "everyone" includes me. There was a havoc in the class and some people are rushing around, with marker pen in one hand and their T-shirt in another, asking for signatures. My shirts was not covered with signature, yet. I don't have a marker pen with me, mah. =S Anyway, since there were too many photos, i will not upload them all of them here. Still working on a photo album! =D

Meanwhile, signing off for now. Keep the Part 2 to some other day. =]