Another Random! Hah!

See? I've said I'm NOT GONNA UPDATE MY BLOG blah blah blah but i still do. *big silly smile*.

Ever since i handed up the Sejarah paper, i was feeling kinda ''hyper''. I didn't really study my maths. I just feel like relaxing. Until now! (But fortunately, i was still able to complete 2 sets of Add Maths paper. Not bad huh? *trying to make myself stop feeling guilty*)

So it seems like Sejarah is one of my greatest fear, plus the language subjects like BM and English. But they were all OVER. I repeat, OVER! Hooohaaa!! However, I don't mean that the following subjects are a piece of cake for me. There is still a language subject awaiting me ahead. *Owh Chinese. OWH. A big fat chance to grab an A1..* Nevertheless, why am I so relax now? I wonder.

Someone please motivate me to become a bookworm again!


p/s: When i was busy scribbling figures and algebra on my buku conteng, and listening to songs at the same time, a song actually made me stop calculating. And this is the song:

Ahha. A Chinese song. For those that hate hate HATE emo songs, i'm not recommending it to you, though.

The song might not sounds special. The lyrics are not complicated. It is not a song from any latest album. In fact it has been staying in my computer for.. almost half a year?

But Owh.. OWH.. The lyrics just have some indescribable and unknown power that make me listen to it carefully, until it urged me surf on the net for its complete lyrics, and OMG.

It suit my mood, so much. Maybe 80%~90%. Hah!

It just happened so suddenly. Not like this is the first time i listen to that song. Hah. How random.

(Btw, it does mean i'm emo, OK. Emo as in LOVE-emo. I have nothing to emo now (*smile..*)..)

Besides SPM. But it make me feel depress instead of.. emo.

Whatever it is, Gambateh everyone!