To all my loyal blog readers:

Due to obvious reason, the blogger decided not to update her blog until 1 December 2008.
UNLESS if there is any random thought that pop-up in her mind and made her feel like blogging so much. =D
[but the probability seems to be quite low. Hahaha...]

So, bear with the blogger for this 3 weeks. =]

Anyway, the blog is not closed down entirely, because the c-box is available for all the time. Feel free to spam, if you have no where to spam, and you feel like spamming so much, due to the boredom caused by booooooooks. [The blogger might spam her own c-box. You know larh, she's weird, anyway.]

So, everyone,

Ok. This was random. Suddenly thought of drawing it while studying literature.
  • The girl is not me. Even though she has a ribbon with her and she's wearing baju kurung. [my eyes are never big. =S]
  • F.Y.I, i had not been seriously producing any artwork for.. MONTHS! That was why it looks sort of cacat-ed. Forgive me...
  • As you can see, the upper and lower part of the drawing went missing. YES, thanks to my over-smart Scanner+Printer All-in-One, which interpret my drawing wrongly. Ugh.(don't buy Dell's scanner or printer!)

Ok, that's all for now. Once again, all the best!