The 2nd Week!

WAHAHAHA.... Exam Week 2 is officially OVER!
*evil laughs inside the heart*

By the way, here's the summary:
Add Maths:
Easier than trial, DEFINITELY. And i still think paper of 2006 is harder. Heh. Anyway there is a really za dao question appear in the exam:

f(x)=x-1. Find f(5).

I was like.. "FIVE MINUS ONE EQUALS TO FOUR. So.. direct? Is this a trick or what?"

*thinking too much*

I think i was not as panic as i did during trial. Even though the headache started to attack me at the last 20 minutes or so. So overall, this paper, was OK.
Was really MOOD-LESS during the exam. Looking at the 1st question, which is of a very BORING topic, my exam mood started to fly away. So i proceeded to the 2nd question after writing only A LINE for the 1st question. But things were still the same. Skipping here and there, FINALLY i have the mood to write down the answer for essay. LOL
Like add maths, it was easier than trial. Hah. But the best part occurred during Paper3.
(By the way, i was expecting heat of combustion. Sheen Yeen was expecting redox. Mandy was expecting soap. And what came out was alkali metal. What the?)

I did not know the exact time i finish answering the paper. What i know was i started to look around dreamily since 2.45pm, and the exam is SUPPOSE to end at 3.30pm. Stretching my head from the right to the left, observing my classmates on the 1st row, that was what i did. And this happened:

Invigilator: "You nak keluar?" (or something like so larh.)
Me: Er... nanti dulu. Heh.

Oh my? The teacher actually approached me to ask whether i want to leave the hall. I thought this action is not encouraged. Ugh. Maybe he is sick of looking at me turning here and there, sitting like a dead person with my crossed arms.

And OF COURSE, i was so DAMN bored at that moment, i wanted to go out SO MUCH. But i did not, because none of my classmates was out YET, until i saw Justina went out with her stationary.

"Ok.. just wait for another person from my class to chao."

Then SL went out.

"OK! Just wait for another GIRL to go out.."

And this was what happened:

Invigilator (the same guy): 30 minit yang terakhir tak boleh keluar dah..
Me: Er.. OK then.

And i stood up, saw Yin Ying stood up as well, and started to giggle.

The teacher want to shoo me off? ='(

LOL. Just kidding.

Anyway, there after, i saw many classmates went out as well. First was PehGe and SuatGee, then was Jacky, and it was Shaunie (Oh! They all rhymes! Hah!) Everyone was like.. laughing when they come out from the hall.

Everyone is leaving the hall! Yeah! The hall is gonna be almost EMPTY at 3.30pm. Heh.

I thought i could stand the boringness for 45 minutes, but i failed. Hah! (Beside, i couldn't conteng that paper, right? Or else i would just create another artwork on it. Peace.)

So there gone week2! 1 week and a day to go! And after that, it will be...


Owhhh.. Owhhh... I started to day-dream about it whenever i was bored of studying. Dreaming of how would it be on the plane, at the beach *Oh yeah, we can take loads of photos!*, in the apartment *We are gonna make it collapse*, what to do at night *NOT WATCHING GHOST MOVIE LIKE JACKY WANTED IT TO BE. Anti-JuOn. Peace.*

I can't wait!

So just hold on, for these few days.