25 things..

25 things i want to do / might be doing after SPM:

1.First and foremost. LANGKAWI!!! Tidy up my study table. Ugh. The space for me to revise is getting smaller and smaller, and the space eaten by by BOOOOOKS is getting bigger and bigger. LOL

2. LANGKAWI!!!! muahahaha...

3. Get my penghutang ice-cream to pay his debt. LOL

4. Sing aloud facing the beach. BUT I AM SICK NOW. WTH?

5. Take loads of photo along the scenic beach! Photography!

6. Go SHOPPING with my friends!!!!!!! *scream in the heart*

7. Go for karaoke with my friends. I WANT TO SING!!

8. Learn the song "Yuan Dian" with Sheen Yeen. Learn it completely.

9. Try prom dresses from shops with my friends, even though i have bought mine. LOL. Just, for the fun of it. Heh.

10. Get piercings on my ear. Yea, yea.. If i still refuse to do so, Shaunie & PehGe might really kidnap me during my birthday to get this done. (Additionally, they are not the 1st batch of NS! Owhhhh..)

11. Prom....

12. Get a job?! (Keep this for next year, perhaps. But i don't want to goyang kaki 24/7 in home. That's so.. meaningless.)

13. Primary school, 6H gathering. (Suggestions stated that we might as well combine all the ex-6Hs with ex-6Ms for the gathering. But the MAIN problem is, i don't think anyone is organising it for this year. *Recalling how bad it is for last year. LOL.*)

14. Wait for class mag and school mag. (Shaunieeee!!! Make sure you deliver it to my house first. *smirk*)

15. Learn Adobe Photoshop. I JUST installed it days ago, and i know nothing about it. Call me a noob. I admit i am one. LOL.

16. Do some renovation on my blog. Look for a new layout if possible. (But it always take me soooooooooooooooo long to get a layout that i love so much. Too picky, perhaps. Hah.)

17. Go for a vacation with my family.

18. Explore the Maple map.. (?!) But not really want to train my character again. Just want look around and try the new job! Hah! Where to get a private server?

19.Learn to cook. Yeah, you didn't heard me wrongly. After breathing air on this earth for almost 17 years, i know to cook nothing. Laugh at me. LOL.

20. Go club with my friends & my mom. I think i've been gaining weight in this month. Constant ingestion of food added with minimal locomotion. Fat liao larh.

21. Draw, draw and DRAW!!!! Finally i have time to sit down and draw something for hours. That's what i did few years back. For every week. Heh.

22. Search for info-s on future studies. =]

23. GET A HAIRCUT. Now the problem is should i cut my hair before prom of after. I want to cut my hair!!!!

24. Learn driving. But before that, take undang test. Anyone want to go with me? =D

25. Get my own phone. But it depends on my parents' wallet. I have no money to pay for it. Hahaha!!!

That's all for now. Let's make this a tag. Tagging everyone in my blog list (Which just finished their SPM, duh.). Can cut the number down to 20, 15 or 10. Or go up to 30, 35, or even 100 (Oh. Dahsyatnya.) Just want to keh-poh on the plans of the others. Do this tag!