Wall.E ~

Oh kay, i know this is kinda.. outdated for those that always go for the newly-released movies. Yet, late is better than never, right? Cz this movie, is so nice!

And before i continue, (this line is specially for Mandy), Wall-E is NOT for small kid. Barbie is. For small girl like Men Men. xD

Not gonna write out the summary here since you can easily find them from wikipedia. And i believe many of you had watch this movie, right? Personally, i think it is one of the BEST animation that i ever watched. Really!

These are some scenes in the movie:

Wall-E and the 'dead' Eve. Or EVA~

The "katzat" (cockroach). First time i think this creature that i feared SO MUCH is actually CUTE. (of course. Since it is not real. I wont call a REAL cockroach as CUTE. Even though it is a small one.)

Eve. She's just so cool, eh?

The so-called "insane-robots".

Wall-E and M-O. Yesh yesh! My favorite robot, M-O!

Look! It is just so cuteeeee and adorable, right? A robot sensitive to dirty stuffs. Look at it's innocent face (Does it even has a FACE. Gah). Whatever it is, it's my M-O! Hahaha!!

Wall-E and Eve in the space.

The obese captain. Yeah, people from future are all having obesity and seems to ENJOY it. So fat until they can't even walk. EAT MORE LAH! THEN YOU'LL BECOME LIKE THEM!! ( Is this a warning to myself anyway? Hahaha!!!)

Oh by the way, i especially like the part they show the life of future-human. It's interesting to look at the life of overly-high-tech peoples. Hehehe...

Owh! Owh! If we are gonna have another Movie Day again, i recommend this movie. Hehehe.. But will there be a chance for so? Please say yes~ Owhh.. (Actually, any movie will do. But not Ju-On larh...)