A few person have me in their tag list, but since Marcus had notified me on MSN, he will be the subject for the following questions.

Oh by the way, i'm recovering from SPM sickness (owh. i think so.) Not long after i clicked the "Publish Post" button yesterday, someone chatted with me on MSN, which make me feel relieved. Nyahaha. I realised i only need someone, anyone, to listen to my crap when i'm frustrated. So, for the someone, thanks a lot! ( Ahem, you are not qualified as counsellor yet. You did not give me any piece of advice, do you? I proved the horroscope thingy wrong! Wahaha...)

OK, back to the tag:

1.Whats the relationship between you and her/him?
My classmate in Form2. My friend who is obsessed with my best friend. xD

2. Your 5 impressions towards him/her?
(i think i mention this before)
- loyal
- pro in computer stuffs (He taught me how to fix my microphone. LOL)
- fast swimmer (lol)
- EMO.
- Funny at times.

3. Most memorable things she/he has said to you.
Err... Don't know.

4.The most memorable thing she/he has done for you
He gave me this look >>> [=_=] when he saw me in Carrefour, instead of replying my "hi". Later he sent this message to my best friend : "YT looks quite hot when she's not in school uniform". I almost fainted when i saw that.

5. If she/he became your lover, you will..
HAHAHAH!!! Because he is MARCUS FOO, the probability is near zero, due to obvious reason. So, there is no "if".

6.If she/he became your enemy, you will..
Block him in MSN. Muahaha..

7.If she/he became your lover, she/he has to improve on..
His EMOness. xD

8.If she/he became your enemy, the reason is..
He did something bad to my best friend.

9.The most desirable thing to do on him/her is
Reply "swt" whenever he start to go into LONG story about my best friend. I think more than 50% of the conversation between us is about her. Gah

10.The overall impression on him/her is...
He's EMO.

11.How do you think the people around you feel about you?
A nice person to be bullied. (right right right??)

12.The character of you for yourself is
What is this suppose to mean?

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
Have bad self-discipline

14.The most ideal person that you wanna be is
Nobody is perfect. So be myself will do larh.

15.For the people who care about you and likes you, say something about them.
They are great friends! (Thank you lorh~ Thanks for bringing laughters into my life, Thanks for consoling me when I'm sad, thanks for bullying me (hmm?!), Thanks for everything!!)

10 people to tag [according to alphabetical order following my link list]
1) Ai Wen
2) CKK
3) Jacky
4) Justina
5) Meng Jiun
6) Shaunie
7) Sheen Yeen
8) Shen Loong
9) Vivien
10) Wei Seine

Who is no.2 having a relationship with ?
[ckk] Not having yet. But who knows what's gonna happen after SPM?

No.3 is a male or female ?
[jac] Male. But he was mistaken miscounted as a girl on yesterday night. xD

If no.7 and no.10 were together, would it be a good thing ?
[ sy & wei seine ] No. Because no.7 is not allowed to have any extra lou po anymore.

How about no.5 and no.8 ?
[ mj & SL ] Do they look like gay?

What is no.1 studying about?
[ aiwen ]Studying about Form1 stuffs currently, i assume. As a preparation to secondary school.

Is no.4 single ?
[ justina ] I think so.

Say something about no.6 ?
[ nie ] AHH! A person who is always solving problem for me. A person who might understand me better than i do. A person who is both my Mommy and my Hubby (i shall call her "Hummy", eh?) On top of everything, she get high easily when she's hungry, so beware. (A sincere advice from a victim.)

Tada~ The end of the tag.

p/s: Flight and Hotel issue was finally settled. A big THANK YOU for everyone who is involved in it. Really! I think i did not help much, though. Sorry arr~ I love you guys!