SPM sickness.

I'm depress now. sigh.

Not "emo". (the term "emo" sounds more love-stuffs-related to me.)

I'm so depress, I'm unable to concentrate on any books.

I'm trying to cheer myself with songs.. MISS TEE YI TING BE HAPPY HAPPY AND HAPPY!

lol. I'm talking to myself.

I was having Account's Gerak Gempur just now, and because of this, i had to do some revision for accounts, not to score 40/40 for Paper 1 again, but just to recall my memories.

Because of this, my originally-planned study time table is disrupted, so for those subjects that I'm SUPPOSE to revise on yesterday, i have to revise them NOW.

Added with the subjects that I'm suppose to study today, i have more than 4 subjects in total.

What the hell.

Suddenly i have so many tasks to be completed, and suddenly i feel as if the whole pile of books are gonna fall on me for any moment.

I know, i shouldn't be so hard to myself. I'm just trying to control myself. I feel bad when i cant accomplish something that i know i can do it well. I feel really bad.

Sob. I'm having SPM sickness now. Blooooooody 18 days to go.

If you still think that Tee Yi Ting has no need to be worried for this final exam, you are WRONG. I'm worried. Really.

Suddenly i feel to hop on the plane and fly to Langkawi, TOMORROW.

Sigh. Impossible.. IMPOSSIBLE!!!


*i seriously feel like screaming now. Gahhhhhh*