Selamat Hari Raya!

Oh. Just put that title for the fun of it. Not that I'm celebrating it. I'm soooooooooooooooooo not celebrating it NOW.

I'm stuck breathing the same air in home. Awww.. And i realised i turn on my dear computer almost once in an hour, even though i clearly know that i got nothing important to do with it.


People who was in the "Online" section in my Contact List are countable with my fingers. Or maybe one hand will do. It IS that "quiet". Awww~ I'm drowning in boredom. Help.

Almost all my besties are everywhere. 2 of my best girl-friends are heading to the north of Peninsular Malaysia now, the others are nowhere to be seen as well.. Oooooo... I miss you guys larh. No one for me to spam now, be it about crappy stuffs or serious stuffs. Sob, sob. And the weird thing is, even though i'm bored, i'm too lazy to double click on someone's name to start a conversation, except for my girl-friends. Sheeeesh.

Bored bored. *weep..*

Huhuhuhuh... Guess i shall continue with my Chemistry exercise book. You might be thinking I'm a NERD, a big BOOK WORM, a NO-LIFE person, as i still can't seems to separate myself from academic-related books even though trial is over. But SPM is 41 days to go. Whatever negative comment you wish to put on me, I'm gonna ignore it. Not like they will make me pass my SPM with flying colours, ugh.

Chao. If I'm too bored, I'm just gonna talk to my newly-grown greenbean seedlings. (Yeah! i got 12 of them. So-called signiflying 12 A1's in SPM. Gonna blog about them soon. Since they are acting weirdly like their owner. =] )

I'm not insane. Or having SPM-fever. Peace.