PMS (?!)

Erm. No. Not the PMS in biology. I'm still sensible, I'm not out of my mind yet.

The PMS here, is Pre spM Syndrome, OK? Don't get it wrong. LOL.

These are some of the syndromes:

  • Emo (Er. Not me. Not now anyway. i got nothing to be emo about. =D. But many people seems to be emo for these few weeks. Depression cause by exam or pure coincidence?)

  • Overweight (It is scientifically proven that when you study, you tend to get hungry easily, due to dont-know-what glucose level bla-bla-bla. And as a normal human beings, you tend to look for FOODS, and excessive food consumption + lack of exercise will cause OVERWEIGHT or even OBESITY. )

  • Accumulation of adipose tissues around tummy and thighs. (Refer above)

  • Become hyper for uncertain reason (like Sheen Yeen. She's very high today)

  • Feeling guilty [For there is not enough time (12 days! OMG!), yet you are tired of studying.]

  • Tend to laugh a lot.

  • Having eye-bags due to insufficient sleeping (*giggles* I sleep late because i online. Bad girl. i know.)

  • Mood swing (?!)

  • Headache [Hi. A victim is talking here. =( ]

  • Aggressive (feel like tearing the book apart, especially the the-subject-that-we-have-no-choice-but-study-the-stupid-text-book-and-not-reference-book-but-all-the-words-are-crammed-in-one-whole-piece-like-shyt-and-i'm-not-allowed-to-highlight-SPBT-books-and-it-is-as-annoying-as-this-line.)

  • Tend to curse A LOT, either in the heart or curse out loud.

  • Etc, etc...

So many of them. As conclusion, SPM is not good for health.

Plus, imagine how many TONS of papers are needed to prepare those exam papers, huh?

P/s: refer to sheen yeen's blog for more information. We did not copy each other. The idea of creating a post on such topic, just pop up in our mind at the same time. Once again, XIN LING XIANG TONG! (I feel like laughing so much.. Awww!! )


Graduation tomorrow. =[

I keep my feelings on graduation for tomorrow. Preparing few more packs of tissues. I HOPE i can control my tears. My eyes get bengkak easily if i cry too much, and i still want to take photos with the others. =(

To all the fifth formers out there, DON'T PONTENG TOMORROW larh.