Mind Thinking Twice When You Talk?

I'm not going to point out who is this HIM/HER.

This post is not created specially for this person, though. If you realise that you have the same weakness, fix it.

The problem of giving comments on people.

Yea, i know. We must have the thought of "Live for myself, not the others. I'm the owner of my own life". But this line ONLY implies when your action did not cause discomfort in the people around you, or rather be it, did not HURT other people's feelings. If it does, FIX IT. This world does not consist of you alone. Can you stop being so ego and individualistic and be RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU HAVE SAID?

You may comment on people, but before that, get a mirror and look at yourself. Only criticise people when you think you are far more superior than them. As is, if you are not pretty, stop saying that "Eww. He/She looks hideous" when the he/she is not even retarded. If you are not smart, stop saying that "He/She is so idiot". If you are not slim, stop saying that "He/She is as FAT as a pig".

Of course, the examples above are mere examples. You didn't say those line, i assume, but your words are far more hurting than those, which you don't realise.

Who are you to give such HARSH comments on people? No one is perfect in this world, INCLUDING YOU. Did you ever consider the feelings of the others when you said something? Those words coming out from your mouth may sounds insignificant to you, for you are used to it and it is your-style. But it is unfair for the others. Even parents do not point out the negative side of their children in this way, and who are you? Do you think you have the right to talk like this?

Somehow, you are an enemy in disguise. You carve a smile on your face everyday when you talk to the other people, and just when they turn their head away from you, you talk bad about them. In a bad way to describe, you are actually a BACKSTABBER.

What are friends for? Friends point out the mistake of each other in a polite way. True friends show sincerity in the friendship. True friends APPRECIATE their friends. True friends will AVOID hurting their friends' feelings. But you? Have you been sincere to us?

Worst of all, it is not that what you have said are true. What you see is not what you think. Read this line over and over again and WAKE UP. Without further understanding, you give your observation a hypothesis and always assume that the hypothesis is equivalent to the conclusion. You are not writing a science report now. Hypothesis is NOT always accepted, especially when you JUMP INTO THE CONCLUSION BEFORE ANALYSING THE PROBLEM. Some small actions of people, which are actually the habits of that person, can seems to be unpleasing to you. You have the right to dislike the action, but can you please DON'T GIVE A REASON BEHIND THE ACTION WHEN THE REASON DOES NOT EVEN EXISTED?

To make matter even worse, you spread the untruth created by yourself to the others. Do you realise it is stupid? If you voice out your opinion to someone who understand the real situation, someone who understand the person criticised by you, FINE. Yet, besides doing so, you are trying to spread that false statement around, trying to plant a bad impression of your victim into someone else's head, someone that your victim care about so much, someone who does not understand the real situation. Again and again, it is UNFAIR. Who are you to create or widen the gap between the others. Who are you to destroy other's friendship? Who are you?

Please, i mean PLEASE remember that not all your comments are true. Think more than twice when you talk. Don't waste your grey matter. If we are going to point this out, face to face, to you, you will get embarrassed for definitely. And by doing so, we will cause awkwardness in another innocent third party. Like what I've said, I'm not going to name anyone here. Please realise your mistake and correct it. WAKE UP. Stop stabbing finger at the others as if you are not at fault.

I used to thought that you have changed into a better person as we grow up. But instead, you proved me wrong. When those hurting words are accumulated day by day, person by person, it become something so big, which surprise many people.

Please change yourself for the sake of the others. You are not being cool by giving false negative comments on the others.