Oh Kay, it was not like i've somewhere, far-far away, in this holiday. The fact is, i was at home, for almost ALL THE TIME. Yesh, Ohmigosh. This is so damn bored.

But the worst thing just begin on Thursday.

I was out in the evening of that day. As my dad intended to stop by the shoplots near my house, we realise the whole row of shops was in PITCH BLACK. From far, we thought that the shops were still closed due to the Raya Holiday but obviously we were so wrong, as the real thing was electricity was out. And ahha, we were still pointing at the restaurants, laughing at the customers for having their candle-light dinner, until our vehicle was steered into our housing area. And hell, there was no electricity supply at my home as well. Damn!!!! So we waited and waited for about 1++ hour, and at the first sight of light shining out from the lamp above me, we yelled in excitement.

But this was not the end, YET.

We leapt to the computer table and pressed on the switch excitedly, waiting for another journey in internet. As we double-clicked on this ADSL USB MODEM DIAL-UP button, smiles faded away from our faces.

Shyt. No line.

OH KAY. I thought it was just for temporary, perhaphs the line will be back on the following day....

Shyt. Still no line.

I've been complaining about this to almost everyone that i've messaged to. And i was the only victim among my friends, i reckon.

Still waiting. waiting. and waiting.

3rd day. Saturday.

SHYTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! Where's that DAMN internet line?!?!?!

Even though i took this opurtunity to tidy up my documents and did some exploration on the "dusty" Microsoft Office Front Page, but STILL, this is KILLING ME.

You name me an internet addict. I don't mind. But i don't think it is a appropriate term, anyway, for i consider it as a "habit" instead of "addict". It was like, being at the right place (home) at the right time (at night/ after meal) but not doing the right thing (online). Sheesh.

But never mind. The line is back NOW.


I'm back I'm back I'm back~

I feel like singing the song "Wo Hui Lai Le"..... LOL.

OK. Anyway, today is the last day of holiday, and SPM is 37 days to go. Gah. And frankly i still DON'T like sejarah. I think i really have to FORCE myself to memorise the facts. Sheesh.

P/s: I'm breaking my own record in this holiday. A record that will not be significant to anyone. And it is not good, anyway.
Owh. The record has just ended not long time ago..