Not boo-ing the others. I'm boo-ing myself.

Freaking 24 days to go. 24 DAYS TO MY FINAL. To something that will determine my future. Ohmigosh.

I'm so not prepared.

The study-table that i've planned since holiday is changing constantly, until now. The target is getting lower and lower, and obviously it failed tremendously. Gah.

I told myself that i AM going to improve my languages, by doing more readings, perhaps.
Yet, i failed. Sigh.

I told myself that i AM going to finish all the exercise books that i bought.
Yet, it is a confirmed fact that there WILL be, most likely at least 1 book for each subject, that is left undisturbed until 1 December 2008. Sigh Sigh.

I told myself that i AM going to cut down my time of facing the computer.
Again, OBVIOUSLY i can't, even just for 24 days.

Studying at my study room is very NOISY at times, with 2 brothers at home (yea yea, what can i expect from them? they will only shut up after they fight and are having perang dingin. LOL)

Bedroom is a ideal place to seek for peace. Yet i have the tendency to fall asleep after an hour (Bed! They are designed for us to sleep on them, not the study on them, right?)

Studying in front of computer is another option. Roaming in the world of books accompanied by wonderful piano songs. How great can it be, eh? (But the Miss Little Devil of mine is tempting me persistently to TURN ON the monitor and ONLINE. Gahhhh.)

Boo. I need self-control badly. Hahaha...

Oh anyway, i'm missing my autograph book once again. Everyone has been asking everyone to write everyone's autograph books. LOL. This autograph book is DEFINITELY far more precious than the one i owned in primary school, and there are 3 of them in total (Yea, one of them is the one whereby Mandy conteng a big mouth + a heart shape surrounded by the word "sad".Macam putus cinta.). In primary school, we used to write loads of craps which does not bring back much memories. But this, my "Expect the Unexpected" book (not the title of the book. It is printed so at the front cover), will be able to drag me into the memories and time we have spent together. Too bad, it is only freaking 24 days to SPM. Minus off the weekends, i can only pass the book to..around 15 peoples. Gah. So i think i'll be giving priority to those who always "bond" with me (which, frankly speaking, not many of them).

3 more weeks. 3 more weeks to long-term holiday for my brothers. 3 more weeks to the it-is-killing-my-brain-cells SPM. 3 more weeks to have fun in this school that i've been facing for 5 years. 3 more weeks to fool around with my friends. 3 more weeks. Will our friendships, be it merely 10-months-long or 9-years-long, continue after this? No one knows.

I'm afraid that i'll really cry during graduation.

I'm confused. Some part of mine want this examination to be ended ASAP. Some part of mine is clouded by sombre feelings instead of excitement when i thought of this. Gahh.

Just hope for the best to come. =]