For those who are trying to translate my previous post into English using this tool:

If you are looking for something amusing, try it. LOL
If you are trying to understand my post, DON'T try it.

Because, somehow, the tool is translate things word by word, which dont show the actual meaning of the sentence. For example, "好险" which is suppose to mean "Phew, that was close" was translated into "Good Danger". I nearly fell off from my chair.

Was home alone yesterday for.. 10 hours! Haha!
"Home alone" sounds normal to some people, perhaps you are experiencing it everyday, but it is rare for me. So yeah, 100% freedom for myself (Or at least i thought so).

And this is what i did:

Spend 2 hours to finish my lunch.
No, you didn't read it wrongly. It is 2 hours. Not because of the terrible taste of the chicken rice my dad had "ta pao" for me (It is yummy, anyway.) But i was studying at the dining table and the rice was right in front of me, which is enough to tempt me even though it was just 10a.m. So, i stuffed 2 spoonful of chicken rice in my mouth, study a subtopic of Chemistry, stuffed another 2 spoonful of rice, study.... Bad for health. I know.

Later in the evening, i was experiencing sudden headache for no reason.

Later at night, i wanted to cook my own dinner (nothing big, JUST instant noodle), so i called up Mom to ask her not to "da pao" for me. But instead, she INSISTED that i dont cook my own meal as "instant noodle is not good for health". FINE! So i have to wait for my food with my grumbling stomach. Awww...

I ate my food at 8pm. I went to sleep at 9pm. I fall asleep after 10pm.

Yes, how can i sleep 1 hour after a meal? It is overweight-causing, i know. But my head is so pain, i'm unable to study anything, not even maths.

But the worst thing is, i'm unable to sleep (as in sleeping like a log) for the WHOLE night. What The Hell.

Stupid headache go awayyyyyy... > . < !
Youngest bro's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LORH.
( type this out for fun. Not like he's reading this. Guys are only interested in GAMES ).

He get 100% for his maths again! What a good birthday present.. (Maths. 100%. Ouch.)

I'm gonna EATTTTTT the Black Forest Cake, even though the stupid (but mild) headache is still haunting me. Gahhh..