I'm not suppose to be infront of the computer now.
Neither at my study table.
I'm suppose to be in STADIUM MATSUSHITA now!!!

It's Khe Beng's Sport's Day today (The very 1st Sport's Day) and Pet Sis is having performance.
I'm unsure whether i'll still be in KK next year, for i might be studying else where.
So i have a great feeling to go for this event (even though it does not concern me, anyway.)

After pointing it out once in front of my parents, they did not give me a definate reply.
I have no guts to question further, for i had request to go for the year-end trip few days ago.
And end up they do not plan to bring me there! Awww~

How i wish i can drive. T.T
I miss my Sis BADLY, i miss her i miss her i miss her!!! (wierd, she's not even my real sis, and we did not seriously talk using mouth before. xD)


(Ai Wen, if you are reading this, sorry arh, i don't mean to ffk you. >.< !! )

Spending my day with books AGAIN...