Trial Week Update No.2


Paper 1:
Paper 2:
OK since i can imbang!! Wee~ So i need not to plaster my head to the table, hand lifting up and landing down on it repeatedly (like what i told the others).


Why so many questions on Chapter9 of Form4 (Endangered Ecosystem)? It has become a trend for us not to study that chapter, but what come out in exam (for that chapter) are not of common-sence questions. Gah.


(Ohmygosh)x2. Can multiply it with a figure bigger than 2 indeed. Even though we got the so-called TIPS on the day before exam, but the questions are so damn hard, the tips can only help a little.


But TIPS are still VERY important!
So, anyone with tips of Physics paper? Share with ME!!!! (desperate kid)


I wouldn't be THAT desperate if i have enough time to flip through 630pages of Physics Success (OK lar, minus off the exercises and answers, let it be 600pages). Yet, the absolute fact is i DO NOT have the time to do so, as i will be spending half of my not-so-wonderful Saturday for Taylor's interview. It is tomorrow ( !!!! ), but the blog owner has not prepared any SINGLE thing concerning it, knowing exactly NOTHING regarding the questions yet to be asked. Hope i don't embarrass myself tomorrow. Gah! WISH ME LUCK.


Many facial expressions can be seen in every corner of the classroom right after our exam papers are being snatched under our nose (aww..). In fact, TOO MANY of them. Some tried to stay calm (like me), while some prefer to discuss over it excitedly (like Mandy). Mandy is currently having Over-Excited-After-Exam disease, as she would be jumping up and down, supporting her weight with her right leg and left leg alternately, voice come out more like a cry (when she discovered her error), and looking at us through her watery eyes. LOL. My peaceful mind could hardly resist from being disturbed by her action. Haha! She can really fill my day with laughter. hahahahaha...


Gonna chao, brothers are looking at me as if they want to swallow me down for monopolised our lovely computer for so long. Brothers, just can't live, without GAMES. ugh.


P/s: Love the new gadget: Blog List! =D
KL central also need to change it's system once in a while, right? Get used to it! xD