Taylor's interview.

Group Pic. Men + Yeen + En + Shyuan + The Camera-girl = Us from SMKKK!

Nah.. Anyway, i screwed my interview, i think.

Reached Mandy's house around 10.30am and realised i forgot about my IC. I'm not a small kid (like what SY said)!!! I'm just.... trying to minimise the probability of having my IC gone to no where. Peace.

Four of us (me, men, yeen, en) are the Woman in Black! OK la, except sheen yeen, she's not a WOMAN yet, she's a budak kecil. Nyehehe..

Sat down in the hall for more than an hour, waiting for the other students and watching the promo. That last for so long and i was near to dose of. Gah.

Shyuan was the first among us that went into the interview room. She got Mr Abbot.. (wasn't sure about the spelling. But it was pronounced so. Haha.)

Not long after that was my turn. MY TURN! Oh kay, do not expect anything nice to be described. Almost all the things stated in the list of "Don't-s of Interview", you name it, i did it.

First of all, i was very relax all the time, but at the moment i was waiting to be called outside the room, i was quite nervous. So, i made the Mistake-No-1 : Good morning instead of Good afternoon.

After that, even though i clearly knew that i SHOULDN'T place my hands on the table, but i DID it. Worst of all, i was actually fooling with my pen. DontAskMeWhyIDontKnowWhy.

Additionally, people who talk to me oftenly would know that i can't speak fluent English. So, once again, I'm doomed.

Oh, had i mentioned the name of my interviewer? She is Mrs Quek, by the way.

As i walked out from the room, Hui En was there in the waiting room. So we chit-chat for awhile before i left the waiting room and head to ANOTHER waiting room, and went to talk with Mandy.

Before that, when i was chatting with Hui En, i can hear the fella after my turn was talking LOUDLY in the interview room. So i thought, oh-oh, die lar, it is so contrast between me and him. The room was so cold and there was always an uncomfortable feeling in my throat since i was somehow sick, therefore i spoke really soft, or maybe too soft.

As for Hui En, the fella before her, was talking like a debater in the room. We didn't hear what he had said, but the gesture does look like a debater. So, whoa...

Conclusion, hopeless me.

Back to the room with Mandy.

The room, with the nicely polished glass-table, the comfortable red-coloured chair, in the air-conditioned comfort (oh well, not THAT comfortable for a sick taufu like me), and we were in attires that made us looked matured. It was like, the gathering between us, whereby all of us have become a successful WOMEN, having a tea-talk and discuss about our career proudly....

Nah..... what am i thinking. Trials is not even over yet. Successful women?!

The girl before Mandy took a long time as well. Ah, there were so many competitors, i'm not gonna make it. I MEAN IT! IF i will be able to get it, it will be the No.1 miracle in my life!!! (Ahem, keep the No.1 for something else. Just place it in Top 10 will do). So, i'm not putting hope for this scholarship, frankly.

Not long after i stood there to wait for the others to complete their interview, Hui En headed in my direction, her mouth mumbling, "Yi Ting! I'm dead!"

Apparently, there was a conversation between her and her interviewer, Miss Janice about Girl Guides. And as they went deeper and deeper, her interviewer actually asked her to name 2 knots taught in Girl Guides.

And guess what, Hui En said her biggest weakness in Girl Guide related stuffs, is knots.

And the amusing thing is, the interviewer, is actually a GIRL GUIDE as well.


Other than that she was questioned about her weakness (SLOW), what her friends see in her (SLOW AS WELL), etc. etc.

After that, Sheen Yeen joined us and talked bout her experience. She was interviewed by Miss Irene, the one who Shyuan said had "tembak the other girls with all sorts of questions". But from Sheen Yeen's description she was OK, and laughed with SY when she mistakenly said "I have a father". LOL.

Next was Mandy, interviewed by Mr. Wong, and apparently she couldn't recall the term "Cross Country" and "Merentas Desa" for a moment, and she started to draw imaginary circles in the air with her fingers. Hahaha!!

So, this is our Saturday with Taylor's but not with Physics books. I got so tired when i reached home, and i got totally no interest to digest any words in the Physics Success book.

And this mood-less state still remain until NOW, by the time i am blogging about this stuffs but reading neither Chemistry nor Physics.

No mood no mood no mood. Arghhhhh!!!!

p/s: screwed my Physics paper. I think it is worst than Bio and Chemistry, to be honest. Gahhhh....