Some Updates. =D

Woheee~ the 1st week of exam is officially over (i mean, not including Chinese paper. That is a DAY, not a WEEK).

Before i continue to comment on the papers, allow me to skip to this:

I got the interview for Taylor's Principle Scholarship.

My reaction: [o.O]

Men, Yeen and En got the interview as well. According to Yeen, many was shortlisted for the interview. But the date is:
20 September 2008.

Oh CRAP. What a NICE date. In the middle of trials. Taking up my time to revise Physics, Add Maths, and.. Maths..?!

No1, they say must "dress up formally". Ah? What do you mean by formal. I'm so inexperience, thus i got no idea.

No2, what are they going to ask me? My mind is really blank regarding this as well.


such a bad bad bad date... huhuhu...

i guess i will be pressing my calcy, eyes peeping into my physics/ add maths book, while answering the questions during the interview.

Nah, just kidding. I'm not THAT nerd.


Time for updates regarding exam papers:

paper 1:
I know that the teacher do not prefer this kinda essay, i.e. essay on facts. Yet i still chose to write it cuz i have the content. Gah, am i making the right decision?
paper 2:
Personally i think it is easier than mid-term's paper, yet i still got many wrong. WTH.

paper 1:
What the "Faedah mengekalkan permainan tradisional". If it is "langkah-langkah", it is still OK. But "faedah"? eh?
paper 2:
Nightmare No.1. SMART me. OVER SMART indeed. Wrote 2 different novels for the novel question, i.e. (a) for Konserto Terakhir and (b) for Bukit Kepong. Now is either I'll lose 7 marks, 8 marks or 15 marks. Oh wait, did i mention that i studied all the prosa tradisional EXCEPT Sabor? (Teacher said it is a sensitive issue mah!!) And DAMN, it came out in the paper. Sheeesh. So i wrote "topi" instead of "kopiah Rom". *Don't laugh..* There gone my 3 marks. AWW...

paper 1:
I spent 5 minutes out of that precious 1 hours and 45 minutes just to STARE at the question. Seriously STARE at No.1, No.3 and No.5, wondering which one to choose. Gah.
paper 2:

paper 1.
The paper is OK. But something funny happened during the exam, that made me trying hard to stifle my laughter. So i laughed as in "hahh..hahh...hahh..." but not " HAHAHAHA!!!!" as i was doodling on my test paper. LOL.
paper 2.
Nightmare No.2. No matter how much i studied, i would still like to consider it as a nightmare. MENYARA and MEMBIAYAI. Omigosh.

Simply crap only.

paper 1.
Tembak saje.
paper 2.
Do not really have enough time for it. And i realised i did something WRONG. Something VERY THE WRONG. Omigosh. So it is nightmare No.3.

Keyboard was spoilt on Wednesday. Or at least i thought it is spoilt. Apparently it was the USB port's problem. Phew!! I've been trying to online WITHOUT a keyboard (it was before my dad was back from work, and the problem was not detected yet), and i can tell you, it is MISERABLE. I can't even log on to my own user as it requires a password. And my youngest bro was the only one in family who did not lock his user. Or else.... *can't imagine*


The two jakuns in my house have just mistaken the salts as sugar. Gracious. How many times did they seriously observed the kitchen in this 10 years, I wondered. Until they do not know which container is used to put salts and sugar.

Luckily they did not add the SALTs into their MILO. o.O
Have so many things that i have planned to blog about. But due to the delay, some ideas have made their way out from my brain. So.. haha.

Oh ya, before i end the post:

S.H.E's new song! HOHOHO.. finally there is a new album of them. This song is nice! Compared to the 宇宙小姐, i mean, that song is so WEIRD.

p/s: Such a bad day of mine. Got bullied by Mandy. She forced me to go to her place, confiscated my EST book, forced me to teach her add maths, placed a "mole" on me, stepped on my Wu Chun, and molested me. Aww.. Mandy you bad girl! Hahaha!!