Short one.

  • Khe Beng is gonna have their FIRST SPORT'S DAY at Stadium Matsushita, first time since the year of 1929. Gah, why that stadium again? Hope i can go if i'm free, providing my parents are free as well. Just want to be busybody. LOL.

  • Jose Rizal is actually a CHINESE. Cool!

  • I've spent a big portion of my credits for this month in forwarding exam TIPS. Must open an Akaun Komisen SMS Diterima, i don't care!!

  • Received a message from Shaunie, stating some of the products that have been recalled due to China's milk scandal. My FAVORITE Mini Poppers and Mini Cornetto are in the list. WTH. And there are still 7 Mini Cornettos in my fridge now. I'm gonna EAT them.

  • My close friends currently started their own Anti-Yiting-ism just because a Physics result that is not even comfirmed yet. Poor me. (Chieh! It's never mind if you guys dont wanna talk to me! to myself.Or my calculator.)

  • I realise i got Alzheimer's disease. I couldn't recall the method to do questions related to Permutation, Probability distribution, and the other chapters, even though i had done so many exercise before this. Damn.

That's all for the short craps. Back to Maths. Don't say i need not to study MATHS. I'm not a genius.