Lets talk about EDUCATION.

Online used to be my favorite activity to be carried out when i was overwhelmed with boredom. In fact, it has become a habit of mine to online everyday. I mean it, EVERYDAY.

But recently i found out it is not THAT effective in saving me out from boredom anymore.

Antara faktor-faktornya ialah:

  • Due to the threatening trails, the number of friends that appear in the Online section of my MSN Messenger Contact List has been decreasing gradually.

  • I'm not really in the mood to carry out a LONG LONG conversation. Either.

  • Everyone is busy feeding their brains with facts, especially SEJARAH facts, i assume.

So i predict I'll online less often in September. The prediction may not become true, but..whatever.

And now, I'm going to complain, about this subject called SEJARAH.

I've been complaining for hundred times and I'm going to do this for the 101 th time.

First of all, what's the point of studying 5-Chapters-long on the history of Islam? I mean, OK, it is the agama kebangsaan, i don't mind to learn 1 or 2 chapters of history concerning it but BLOODY 5 CHAPTERS! You tell me! And even though they say " Mereka yang melupai sejarah pasti akan mengulanginya", but ahem, what's all the khalifah gonna do with me..?

Furthermore we are suppose to write down the answer almost exactly like what it is stated in the text book. EG: "memupuk perpaduan" and "menggalakkan perpaduan" is NOT the same. So, somehow we need to memorise the WHOLE BOOK. Calculate for me how many page of facts in total that we are suppose to memorise?

I don't mind memorising Biology stuffs. At least it is something that can be apply in your daily life. For instance, when you are injured and the blood flow out, you know that:

" The platelets is exposed to air, thus it will release a sticky substance to
prevent blood loss. The blood capillaries around the injured part will constrict.
If the injuries is severe, the platelets will release thrombokinase, which
convert prothrombin to thrombin. Thrombin, in turn, will convert soluble
fibrinogen to insoluble fibrin. Fibrin will form a mesh of long threads
over the wound. Erythrocytes and platelets will be trapped in the fibrin fibre
and form a clot. Scab is form to cover the wound
. "

But when you saw a Malaysia Flag you wont bother to think "Idea pembentukan Malaysia bla-bla-bla- Reaksi penduduk bla-bla-bla Reaksi Indonesia dan Filipina bla-bla-bla Konfrontasi Indonesia bla-bla-bla JAK JPPK Suruhanjaya Cobbold.............."


Macam tu keh nak memupuk patriotisme?

Moreover, Morale is another subject with a really lousy examination system.

What's the point of memorising the definition of morale values, from the beginning to the end, EXACTLY, just to score an A1.

It's just so pointless.

So you are telling us that ONLY students that have powerful brains with superb memorising power are pelajar yang bermoral because ONLY them who are able to memorise the definitions, eh?

I can memorise the definition. But i still think it is unfair.

Other science subjects, Add Maths, Maths, Accounts.. are still OK.

Languages are still OK.. (oh my Chinese paper. T.T)

But SEJARAH and MORAL. ugh.


p/s: i just realised that i CANNOT touch old books that is used by someone else. I shall be grateful that all of my SPBT books are brand new, except The Pearl and KERUSI. It's still OK for the pearl, since i have my own book. BUT as for KERUSI.... i have no choice but to refer to it.. and it's causing itchiness on me. REALLY! The book is used since 6 years ago, who knows how many BILLION of germs are attached on every single page of it. ITCHY ITCHY ITCHY!!!! yikes!!!

Happy studying, everyone. =S