Happy Mooncake Festival~

Nah.. it was not that HAPPY anyway. It should be Emotionless Mooncake Festival to be exact (?!), since i did not really celebrated it.

This is Wan Wan's version of Mooncake Festival:
(Wan Wan is the Taiwanese artist that created my msn display pictures)

And this is my version:

Oops. Can't see the words in pink. By the way there are "No moon. Only got raindrops".

Ya.. It's raining outside there, and my plan to OBSERVE the full moon was ruined. Neh.. I thought i could at least do something else that is associated with Mooncake Festival, with the exception of mooncake.

MOONCAKE. Damn you !!!

I had only consumed 3/8 of a mooncake that day, and i had been filling my stomach with TONS of water (after experiencing the torture brought by sickness, i'm now very concern about my health, OK? Or at least i think i do. Gah).

And guess what, i'm having coughs now! What the?

Additionally, mooncake nowadays is so expensive. Let one mooncake be RM12, and we usually cut it into 8 portions, thus when you put that tiny-winy piece of mooncake into your mouth, it actually cost RM1.50.


And mooncake kills!!!

Unfortunately, up to now, there are 4 small mooncakes and 7 big mooncakes left in my house, all gifted by the others.

Who wants mooncakes? lelong lelong~