Club. Movie. Pillow. LAUGHTERS.

Look at the calender. SPM is another 44 days to go. My eyes should be fixed on academic-related books. But TRIAL WAS JUST OVER. WHO CARES?

So, we decided to have a one-day-off (even though, to be precise, it is only half-day-off), i.e. we were out from house for half of the day.

When the clock struck 8, I opened my eyes, and was still in a blur mode. Maybe it was because i slept too late for the night before. Bad for health, i know.

After confirming that i had brought everything that i am suppose to bring, i headed to the Club, and met with the others in the Ping Pong room. Fooled with table tennis for awhile. It was "fooled", not "played", since it was so damn long since i last hold a table tennis bat, and the ball went bouncing up and down out of my control. Blahh.

Not long after that, we went to change into our swimsuit, and guess what, me and yeen took the SAME locker AGAIN. Maybe we really got jodoh with the number..158? As i stood beside the pool, glancing some unknown object in distance, suddenly i lost my balance and *Bruuupt*! The next second, i was drenched by the pool water. Chong Men Yee!!!!!!

We (Me, Nie, Men, Sy, Julia, Peh) spent almost 1 and a half hours in the pool, doing seems-to-be-idiotic-but-hilarious stuffs, like holding ourselves at the side of swimming pool, moving our feet from the left to the right, as if we were doing synchronise swimming (except that the legs were not in the water). Had a big time of laughter. As for the guys, CKK and Bobo joined us in the pool later on, while the others went for gym (i assume).

Even though the pool was not really bathed in the HOT sunlight, and i can barely see the Sun, but OH MY GOSH, my skin turned into 2 colours AGAIN!!!! Yikes! I had applied some sun block before i stepped out from home, but still!!! Gahhhh.
After that, we went to the sauna (oh kay, it is the sauna not the steam bar. I know i am very jakun.冏.) But the thing was, even though we sat inside the room for like.. 15 minutes, no sweat was produced. Gah. But we were all dried since the pool water was evaporated, after spending so long in the sauna, talking about "go where to eat later..?!?!" Oh, anyway, Mandy splat herself to the wall to make the wall wet. She even tried to wet it with her butt, which made her looked as if she was trying to do MISISSIPPI on the wall (but she stopped after the"M"). LOLx!!!!!

After bathing, we went to the entrance to wait for the guys, before hopping into Jacky's car. 8 person (Me, Nie, Yeen, Men, Julia, Bobo, CKK, and Jacky himself) in a CRV. [o.O]. So Jacky was controlling over 7 lifes at the same time! Whoa. Can't imagine if something happens.. (CHOI!!!!) Anyway we stopped at Kota Ria to have our lunch, which then joined by Keith (and he belanja us! Thanks!!!) Personally think that SMC's thosai is still nicer. This one was too sour and lembik. Beside it was smaller in size. Gah. By the way Mandy started to have her own food-creation (We just LOVE to play with foods!!!). Photos in my phone but i couldn't upload it. Ishh.

Later on, we squeezed ourselves in Jacky's car again and headed to Shaunie's house for MOVIE TIME!!! (and when we moved our bags out from the car, it was as if we were just coming back from a PICNIC. A class picnic, to be more precise.) Frankly i LOVE her sound system, even though the effect is so BIG until it made me screamed for so many times. Initially we planned to watch Ju-On, the so-called "Extreme Ghost Movie", but since most of the girl ("most", cuz Miss Shaunie is not afraid with it. I doubt she is not a girl anyway.) are really afraid, and if it is really an EXTREME one, maybe i would have restless night for one WHOLE week. Or like what i've said, going to each other's house to sleep just because we were too afraid to sleep alone. Hahaha!!

So, instead, we chose this.

A BLOODY Movie. When i say BLOODY, i mean it. From the 1st second till the last second of the movie, there were BLOODS. BLOODS EVERYWHERE. And thanks to the sound system, we can hardly resist to SCREAM. It was like.. all of the sudden, it is so quiet, and suddenly POOSH!!!!!. And "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

It was only few minutes from the opening and i did this. Moving my head away from the tv when the loud sound was heard out of a sudden. And OF COURSE, my screams was followed by someone's laughter, which was CKK. This guy was pointing and me and saying I am a JOKER. Fine!! So for the next 1++ hours, whenever the gross thing appeared, i buried my heard into the big pillow and shrieked. Or rather hide my head behind the big pillow. I guess what i did was a good thing for the others as well. Or else Jacky's left ear and Mandy's right ear would be totally deaf after the movie due to the high pitch voice coming out from my throat. Nyehehe...

Throughout the movie, Shaunie was the only girl that did not hide her head behind the pillow. The OMG thing
was Sheen Yeen caught her yawning when we were busy hiding our vision from the TV. Sheen Yeen's head was behind the pillow most of the time. But obviously she got someone else to protect her. *Muahahaha*.Almost 70% of the dialogues in this movie have the four-letter-word in it, and someone actually saw Bobo giggling whenever that word appear. Gah. Is that word funny?

The most memorable thing was the scene where by one of the girl called Missy used something to hit the "ahem" of the mutant that raped her. The scene was suppose to be gross, or to let you feel like *ouch!*, but despite screaming, all of us roared with laughter, just because it was "the part". Screaming and laughing at the same time when it was not designed to be funny. LOLx.

After using so much energy on screaming, we realised it was still early, so we decided to watch another movie, and we found this: 21.

See the guy? He is Ben in this movie. Jim Sturgess is his real name. And he's freaking CUTE!!!!!! (Blek, Shaunie, he's not yours. I repeat, NOT YOURS. Sheen Yeen, not yours as well. You got someone else. xD). Mandy prefer the Chinese guy named Choi in the movie. Choi. Funny name.

We were more interested in this guy than the movie. Probably because we were already tired by that time. But he's just so cute! Don't you think so? *Abandon Wu Chun for awhile..*

After this movie, we were still not in the mood to go home, so we just stayed in the DARK room and started our pillow-fight. Yea, sounds childish, but it was FUN!!! Really!!! (Even though my head kena hentam for a few times.) So we yelled and shrieked in the room barely lighted with torchlight and handphone's light, some of us half-lied on the floor. I wondered how would it be, if all of us really have an afternoon nap in that dark room. Feel like trying it. Hahaha!!

Reached home about 5. Exhausted. Cuz of swimming or laughters? I dont really know. But it was at least one month long since we last key-siao-ed so much, thus i enjoyed it really much. Additionally, we were gonna graduate after 2 months. Sad.

I was feeling really tired when i reached home, yet i still went out for badminton after meal. And EVEN THOUGH i am feeling sleepy hours ago, i still sit in front of the computer instead of my bed. Gah.