Add Maths!


*Gasp* *Gasp*


Oh my add maths. Oh Oh Oh.

I know. I know. Some people are gonna say "Yi Ting, so fake lar you!" again.

But i still wanna scream.


Add Maths 1 was relatively easy, if you would to compare with the mid term's paper.
But hell, i totally forgot what modulus ( The "l l" thing) stands for in vector. Blah! Stupid "l l" Stupid me. "l l " does not has a brain, thus it is not stupid.

Later on it is add maths 2.
WTH. I stare for the question on gradient function for damn long. I know i can do it. I KNOW! But i can't solve it for a moment, i feel like a failure.

Moving on to the following questions, i couldn't solve the last question on AP. Again, i feel like banging my head off. So i wrote some craps instead, knowing clearly that the answer is wrong. You know what? i did "Sum P = Sum Q" instead of " Term P = Term Q" . NO WONDER.

Next, i paused at the question on first quartile as well. Blahh!

And i got no idea about the probability thing, so i just tembak. I know i should do the question on linear log instead, but i was too lazy to plot a graph (2 graph papers given by teacher were still clean and undisturbed at the end of exam). Prefer to do a question that is not sure instead of an easier question like graph. Idiot, right?

When i finished vomiting out the answers (not including the skipped questions, and there were MANY of them), i discovered i still got 1 hour left. So i thought, Oh Kay, i would be able to try the other questions as well after checking. So when i went to take the extra papers, i took 3 instead of 1 piece.

And DAMN. After i started to check, i realise there were so many SILLY MISTAKES. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i handed up the paper, without finish checking, or trying out any extra questions (duh!).

I felt so stupid. I felt as if i was too arrogant to comment that Paper1 was easy. Although i clearly knew, even if i say "Paper 1 is so damned hard!", Paper2 wouldn't change itself into another easier paper, right?

Blah. Whatever.

By the way, this "thing" has been circulating around among Form5 students since this morning, and knowing this pissed me off a little. I mean, hello, are you that desperate? Where's your principle?

It's over. Whatever.

But seriously speaking, if i did badly for the other subjects, be it BM, BI, Moral, or Sejarah, i wouldn't be that disappointed to myself. But IF the subjects are Maths and Science subjects instead, e-s-p-e-c-i-a-l-l-y A-D-D M-A-T-H-S, I, got nothing to say.

Over-reacted for Add Maths. Others might find it hard to understand this. But i know, Sheen Yeen understand this well. We are just in the same boat. (SY, it's over! Don't stress yourself up, OK? =])

Not in the mood for Biology3. Gahhhhh..

p/s: Mom had thrown my Mini Cornetto away. Aww~