Understanding. Loyalty

It's very unusual for an "un-emo" person like me to talk about these kinda of stuffs in my own public bloggie. Still, i'm going to type it out. In addition, i dont consider this post as emo-post. It's the FATS of life!! (it's fats. NO SPELLING MISTAKE) (like what Min like to say..=D)

#1: Understanding

This is one of the line which always appear in the tv dramas:

"We are parted because we understand each others too well."

Do you, actually believe in this?
Personally, i do.

I don't mean that understanding someone is a bad thing. In fact, it is essential in the relationship among Homo sapien like us. Without understanding, the relationship is fake. The love, is blind.

But why, the sparks will gone once you understand each other too well, too deep.
Because you are unable to accept the weaker sides of another party?

I guess so.

When you are attracted to someone, the first thing you will do is to try every single effort to make your way to that person's heart, hoping to know that person's inner side instead of the outer appearance only.

The process is sweet, i assume, when you feel you are getting closer to that person.

But it will come to a point, when too many things are revealed, and you'll realise, owh, this is not the right person.

Perfect-minded, i guess?

It is like a chemical reaction, whereby the rate of reaction increases as the time progress, and up to a optimum point, it paused. Later on the graph will have negative gradient, until it touches a point, and i named it Point F.

F= Friendship.

When this happens, the sparks slowly disappears, and everything, slowly, became or will become like the beginning, again.

You felt as if you had lose something. But actually, you had gained something.

You have another person with you, a person who you seek for advise, a person who you can share you feelings with, a person who you can share your views towards life with, so well that you don't even need to bother what he/she thinks about you, anymore.

Ah~ I'm mixing up more than a case here.

Yet, i believe, understanding is still something important, even though it may ruin some sweet imaginations.

Blame no one but myself.

That's why i always say, i doubt I'll ever be getting married in the future. Gahh.

#2: Loyalty

Loyalty, is not necessary, a good thing.

Let's separate the involved ones into 2 parties: First party is the one who is showing the loyalty, while another is subjected to it.

For the one who is subjected to it, should i say it is a good thing?

I used to think it is NOT. If you are returning the loyalty with your love, that's a different case. But what happen if you are NOT doing so?

It becomes a burden. It is very heavy to be carry on. That person will think that he/she is unable to return the love, and he/she will feel guilty for it. If he/she accepted the loyalty, get along with the person, but return it with sympathies instead of love, is it fair?

Of course Not!!

Now, I'm holding on some of the principles, but no longer think that it is a burden.

When you know there's someone who is supporting you no matter what are you doing; Someone who is willing to share your problem, trying to mend your broken hearts, even though the knife is stabbing right into his/her heart as well; Someone who concern about you when you are not feeling well; someone that precious your existence.

That should be a good thing, right?

But back to the loyal party, is it fair for them? As they left no stone unturn to show their love, yet their love is not returned.

Ah~ even though, I'm not one of them, yet from the cases i had get to witness, i think it hurts.

I'm mixing up... 3 cases here!! =_=

From what i had seen, they are like gardeners, who was putting their affections on the flowers.

Oopss, correction, it is ONE flower.

But no matter how much effort they put on the flower, how much fertiliser they supplied, how much time, money and energy they spent on the flower,
the flower will be carried away by the buyers, someday.

Personally, i got not much comments on the gardener's side.

But if i am the flower, i would like to thank the gardener. A really really BIG thank you.

Any gardeners wanna share your point of view?

i actually want to keep this post for tomorrow, but Mr. Someone requested me to post it.

See la, now i got nothing to update for next few daysss.. LOlx