To my drearest Brain Cells....

Please, i beg u, plssssssssssss become healthy again ASAP.

Brain Cells, you know what, you r such a unpredictable cell. Yea, u made me happy (for a little) after i woke up from a nap with stop aching [FOR A WHILE]. Later on, your naughtiness will strike back and making me feel like chopping off my head once again.

Like what u did to me this morning. If u chose to be pain on 5 o clock but not 7 O CLOCK, I'll never bother to step into the school gate TODAY. Gahhhhh....

Plus, u made me feel like a half-pontianak today (except the fact that i did not jumping around like one cz it will worsten my headache), before recces. Until my head refuse to be distanced from the table for any inch. Awww.....

i was just done with emo stuffs last month, so can you do me a favour, STOP CAUSING HEADACHE IN ME?!?!


I still need you to revise whatever-subject for trial, i still want to have energy to leap around and SCREEEEEEEEM inside the ghost house set up tomorrow (For Hari Koko), i don't wanna die so fast, ok..?

So please, guys and girls (?!) stop being naughty, kay?

Your truthfully:
Owner of you guys, Yi Ting..

p/s: i don't think a cell posses.. pain receptor?! So the concept above is actually very wrong!! LOL.