This is NOT FUNNY. You know.

made a counter, stating how many days he/she expect himself/herself to live. It's 16 years to go.

Made a will for himself. And a very creepy blog header.

Even though both of you think that your actions are NOTHING, JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT AND IN CASE, they are sending shivers down my spine.

Do you know that?

I used to have no fear concerning death. Personally i think if i have live my life to the fullest, I'll have no regrets if any accident happened on me. I have achieved something in my life, so it is OK.

But i still don't wanna die so fast, you know. I'm only 16, and IF i have to chance to breathe in oxygen until my age reach 70, 16 years is just 22% of it.

But what you guys did made me think twice regarding this issue. I don't know why, but somehow i had started to equate DEATH to EMO.

If you guys are reading this, perhaps you'll think I'm jakun.

it's nothing well, why are you so worried?

Once again, i don't think it's nothing. I think it is something.

In my opinion, one should not decide how long he/she gonna live in this world. You are not born with that right.

Does this line sounds familiar to you? It does to me, cuz it is the model answer for one of the question on the short story Lotus Eater.

More and more people are having the similar ideology like Thomas Wilson: have fun and die, once the fun ends I'm going to die.

But harlo, you are just 17, and you are making such decision?

Human#2, which used to be super-duper emo until the suicidal thought struck him, is another case. Do you know why am i so worried about you? Because you are so unpredictable. You may sounds OK when you talk to the others but deep inside, who the hell know what are you thinking? You can be OK for this moment, and in the blink of an eye, u feel like dying. This explain why your pm, blog and message sounds so creepy to me sometimes.

If any of you are going to leave me by tomorrow, I'm going to cry my lungs out, seriously.

There was once Human#1's pm was "no one understand me" or something like so. I did not question him/her at that moment, though. But you know what, it's not like no one understand you, it is you that make the others (or rather, me) unable to understand you. Perhaps you never bother to share your problem with the others, so how do you expect the others to understand you, eh? It's not like we are the tapeworm in your intestine and know what are you thinking. Gah..

I don't know why am i writing this out in this blog of mine. Maybe you are reading this, but whatever. Still, i think that counter is scary, OK.

And Human#2, i hope u stop to post / made / create whatever regarding death. Like I've said, it's not fun having the whole world being so worried about you. We still care about you even without those stuffs, OK..


Both you u ruined my mood to continue my physics. =_=!

Love yourselves, OK?