Random Random Random... Gah.

After busy burying my nose in ACADEMIC-RELATED books for the whole (morning+afternoon+evening+night)-midnight, finally i have the time to breathe and settle down in front of the computer. [oh kay, I'm exaggerating. But hey, i DID studied OK. =D] Feeling bored, i browsed through some website / blogs and realise some stuffs.

Firstly, i realised trial is really REALLY near from this moment! I have never bother to countdown the number of days to trial (i didn't even count for SPM. Gee), until i read someone's blog stating it is 31 days more to the trial. Aww. And some peps around me has started to change and become studious again. Awwwww... I know, trial IS important as suppose to be treated as the real SPM. Yet, until now, my language, esp English, is still below-standard (obviously portrayed in all these posts). =_=! Do you know that i somehow got trauma towards writing English essays? Yea, i am ashamed to admit that i do, owing to my limited vocabularies. A very good example is i settled all my essays yesterday EXCEPT the one given by Pn Chan recently. Owhhhh.....

Next, i found the blog of ckk's brother, and hella, it is cool! Plus, now only i get to know that he's pursuing Medicine in NUS. Wait, that's in my wishlist right? So i went kepoh-ing on some posts regarding interviews in NUS. And those words in the entries truly made me whoa-ed. Miss over-pure-minded-and-small-kid-brained-yt never thought that THOSE questions will be questioned during interviews. If i was the one who sat there at that particular moment, i doubt i would answered what he had answered. Gah. Again the problem come back to my language. (Owhhhh....)x2. In addition, if i further my studies there, get ready to form a family there, like what Peachy had told me. Gee. Oh kay...

As conclusion, life is so hard. If i got fed up one day with these stuffs, i will just get a husband, get a child and become a Happy Mama (Like what Mandy wished as well. XD). But wait, er, i'm a absolute noob in.. cooking?! Well, i guess getting a maid by that time will not be a great problem..... *sailing in my own imagination....* Oh kay, cut the crap. LOL.

So, again, i wished that i can stay as a lil kid forever that not growing up. But the stubborn growth hormone in my body insisted to push me to the adolescent phase (and it stopped half-way. Since i'm so short and not fully-formed, yet). Hence, i got no choice but learn to grow instead of hiding in my protective shells. Eeeeeekkk!!!!

p/s: Currently wearing the Chinese Society's T-shirt. Why is it so big in size even though it is stated "S" at the label?

p/s/s: School's forum (http://www.smkbk.co.cc/) had turned into something extremely lame. Am i too late to find out this? xD

p/s/s/s: Anyone has suggestion on "Boosting Your English Within 100 days"? I mean it, BOOST. =D

TTFN. Gotta sleep.
(i was so jakun that i did not know the meaning of TTFN until last Tuesday, when Pn Ong messaged me. And it was Shaunie that explained to me. Ooopz.)