Photo Collections. LOL

Trial is less than 1 week to go. WTH am i doing here. I'm suppose to STUDY (yea, right). Cant endure any extra boredom caused by Sejarah anymore for today. Let's waste my time once again! =S.
Get my class photo on Wednesday. Wee~

Feeling bored, i went to dig out my old class photos instead of staring into the words on sejarah text book. Gah. And i found these:

Tadika Indah Jaya
Truthfully speaking, i do not KNOW the NAME of my kindergarten until i saw this photo. =_=! I had been to 3 kindergartens in my life and this is the last one.
I doubt anyone is from the same kindergarten as me, eh?

Frankly, i don't think there is any.

SJK (C) Khe Beng

Standard 1. 1M. I actually need sometime to find myself. LOL.

Class photos of Standard2 and Standard3 flew away with their invisible wings. There are no where to be found. Gah

Standard 4. 4H. The ugliest among the ugly ones. LOLx

Standard 5. 5H. I was the only one is white blouse that was sitting down.

Standard 6. 6H. I STILL CAN REMEMBER HOW LONG WE SIT DOWN ON THE FLOOR LIKE THIS. Our knees were pain like hell. Gahh.

SMK Kota Kemuning
Form 1. 1 Aranda. The anti-guys year. LOlx. Will explain this further if there is a chance. haha..
Form 2. 2 Aranda.
Form 3. 3 Aranda.
Form 4. 4 Science 1. The candid was in my comp as well, but i was too lazy to upload it.
Look at Mandy's hair. HAHAH!!!
Last but not least,
5 Science 1!!!!!! =D
Look at old photos actually bring back some memories. But there are too many of them and (again) i am too lazy to list them out one by one. Maybe someday. Haha.
The photos are too small for the faces to be observed clearly. Save it down and SLOWLY do your observation if you are interested. Esp the primary school ones, starting from Standard4 onwards. (Kindly ignore the Kindergarten and Standard 1 ones. Personally i can't even recall the names of my former classmates. I don't even KNOW them now. OMG.)
From standard4 till now (suppose to be standard3. WHERE ARE YOU MY BELOVED STANDARD 3 CLASS PHOTO?!), the class photos were taken with my close friends.
I doubt i would ever have a chance to take such photos again.
Even though i do, it would not be the same people anymore.
I'm gonna miss you guys. Really. T.T
Anyway, an early birthday wish to Malaysia. You old thing. Sudah 51 tahun masih mau buat kecoh. sheeeesh.
Expect less updates from today onwards. My life is getting more and more boring. Plus, i was absent for school, so practically there is nothing interesting that happened in my life. Owh Owh... how pathetic.