It's not fun to be sick

Yea. It's never fun to be sick. I am sick. Yasmin is sick. Sheen Yeen got high fever yesterday (40 degree celcius! OMG!!! > < ), Aunty Cheryl (Nie's mom) got dengue.. Let's pray for everyone who are not at the pink of health to recover ASAP. And why i hated to be sick? First of all, this was my breakfast on Monday morning:
Saw the golden packet? It contains some chinese tradisional medicine pills which are.. too big to be swallowed.. > < Yea, the same Milo cup, except that it's not containing the real MILO now. Instead it was some really really BITTER chinese tea (it was sweet before the GREENISH POWDER was added into it..) Awwww~ Sheen Yeen, if u think u can stare at a pill for 1 hr just because it is bitter, i think u shall stare at this for the one WHOLE day. Yikes

Anyway, cz i'm sick, i'm leading the lifestyle of zaman Paleolitik now:

  • No comp. No tv. That'll make my headache worsten (but, i sudahpun curi-curi online. =_=)
  • No choc.
  • No spicy food
  • No biscuit
  • No oily food
  • No fried food
  • Tons of water
    • Sobz. You may call me "Toufu" from today onward. I dont refer it to my skin colour (in fact, i'm no longer fair la. i'm getting darker. Aww...). I am referring to my physical structure now, which exactly like Toufu, weak and delicate..(?!)

      Gah. Owh anyway, no electric supply for our classroom for another day and we have no choice but to spend our day in the APT room. Life in school without table is kinda miserable, you know.

      Are you asking whether i'm happy in the APT room today? (minus off the table matter).

      Answer: I DONT KNOW~ STOP ASKING ME THIS!! lol!!!!!