It's a Key-Siao Day once again~ =D

Warning: If you are not used to post filled with poser-photos, i shall kindly advise you to stop scrolling down. As you can roughly seen, this post consists of 80% pictures and 20% words. =D

It's Friday again, and yea, the last period of Friday has officially been catogorised as "The Dating Period". LOL. Couples can be seen here and there.. Awww~ That's so sweeeeeett~~ Being a Happy Single, few of us sat down at a corner and started to gossip + doing stupid stuffs, eg:

Conteng-hands. Aww.. This is my poor hand, becoming (forced to) the walking advertisment of Wall-E when i didn't even have the chance to watch this movie. Gah. Other then the word Wall-E, there was a word "Miss ET" on my hand too, written by Ariel. =D And there was ANOTHER NAME written on my fingers as well, i shall skip this part. =_=

Ok, from the next picture onwards, i'm not going to talk much. Let the pictures do the talking!! =D

The retarded Shaunie. LOL

PehGe poking the colour pens here and there. She looks like those Thousand-handed Buddha.

" (-(@)-)" (Owh, how to add a line on top of @ ?)

More poses with colour pens. *Poke. Poke.*


Er. The words are too small to be seen in this picture. It is "Terima Kasih" anyway. And previously it has been used to wrap SOMETHING.

Me-> =_=
Peh-> :D

The black colour thingy that looks like Shyt. It's actually Rubber Band. =D

Yasmin looked so SHOCKED.

Peh Ge promoting the watches.

Oh..Oh.. Oh ya.. Shaunie was kinda high today. Please fefer to the following pictures:

Miss Sheep and Ariel. Look at the Sheep. As if someone just gave her a punch or whatsoever. SHE LOOKS SO FUNNY-CONSTIPATED-CUTE IN THIS PICTURE. I'm out of words to describe this.

Stop from acting emo and become happy again. She was teaching us how to smile, apparently.

I told ya. She was high. xD
Our conteng-ed hands.


The high-ness remained as we had our lunch in Tropical Secret. I must say we are the most SAMPAT bunch of seniors from SMKKK. Obviously, we dont act like form5. We were so siao that the Form4-s and Form2-s looked more matured than us. =_=!
Julia playing with the chili sauce. *Squeeeeeeeeze*

Anyway, i was practically sharing every single food with Shaunie today. My lunch (baked cheese rice. Yumm~), her lunch (Chicken Chop with cheeeeeese), the mango pudding and Secret Recipe's cake.

Talking about the pudding, we discovered SPERMS in it!!!!!! [owh,if u just ingested something before u read this, please don dirty your monitor with the chyme in your stomach ya. =D)

The sperm. The crystal clear SPERM! It really looks like sperm, don't ya think so? =D

Me, trying to eat the sperm. [OMIGOSH. THIS SOUNDS SO WRONG.]


Unfortunately the sperm cannot survive for a very long period as we chewed into it's nucleus, chromosome containing genetic information, and the mitochondria. =D
Gah. There IS something wrong with me today. xD

Hui En trying to feed Peh Ge but the mango pudding just slipped into her mouth.

Plus, both of them have been throwing the leftovers to each others plate, further proving the immaturity of us. xD

Later on, we headed to Secret Recipe. Me and Nie shared a choc mud cake. Personally i think it was Oh-kay only. I can get a cake with similiar taste and similiar size at the price of.. RM2.50?

Secret Recipe gang. A.k.a The Science 1 gang! Haha!!

Btw, different Secret Recipe cake gave me different memories:
  • Choc indulgence: The 1st SR cake i ate. On my last year's birthday. It was nice! Worth trying. =D
  • Tiramisu: Sheen Yeen's cake. Ok-ok only. Tasted ordinary. And it's mildy bitter. > _ <
  • Oreo Cheese: Nie n Min's cake. Too sweet for me.
  • New York Cheese: The best one. I WANT to try again!! =D
  • Choc Mud: like what i've commented just now.

    Anyway, before we left, there was a lil drama happening in Secret Recipe and it was proven that "Learning is at anywhere and anytime". Apparently we somehow learned add maths in Secret Recipe! This was the prove:
Look at this. The tree-diagram!!! xD

This was my reciept. Apparently there was one girl working in Secret Recipe who has either weak understanding / expressing skill. A short argument occured and it was kinda hard to be explain here. Pn Chan asked why i did not offer to help (to speak in Chinese with the cashier). Teacher, even though the reciept belongs to me, yet actually i was kinda blur about what was happening just now. Until now. =_=!
Conclusion: I ate a lot today, and laughed a lot today. I'm gaining fat once again..?! AHHHHHH!!!!

p/s: Just discovered i've been kicked out from someone's blog, i.e. i'm no longer invited to be one of the readers. I thought of questioning this fella concerning the reason, yet after thinking twice, i cancelled that thought of mine. First of all i KNOW that there was something concerning me in the blog, and i think it's kinda good thing to be blur sometimes, and not knowing everything. I KNOW THIS!!!!! ~.~. So, suan le bah...