Home, or School?

I would like to name this week as the Ponteng-week since most of my friends have the thought of skipping school. And yea, it's due to that stupid trial. Arghhhh....

And now, I'm in the dilemma deciding whether or not to skip school.


  • Have more time to study.
  • Can be more peaceful if the 2 noice-makers (or either one of them) are not around. That's what mommy said.
  • I have 3 dictionaries beside me. Wee~
  • Need not to bring heavy reference books esp Success.
  • Can revise whatever subject i wish as i have all the books with me at that moment.


  • More susceptible to weight gain as i tend to look for FOODS all the time. =_=
  • Greater tendency to fall asleep on my books.
  • Might not be able to control my temptation to online till late night on the night before (since i know i will not be waking up early)
  • Might be unable to discipline myself to open my eyes earlier. Gahh. i just LOVE to sleeeep.
  • Tend to do unnecessary stuffs like doodling in my buku conteng.



  • less likely to fall asleep..? (but i tried before. AND TEACHER WOKE ME UP.)
  • have someone to talk to when I'm bored so i will not go nuts.
  • i CAN study if no BIG conversation is going on.
  • Get to laugh. LOL
  • Can wake up early. No choice, anyway.
  • Currently need a new and different atmosphere and surrounding to study to prevent boredom.


  • some teachers will be giving out pointless homeworks.
  • might be time-wasting
  • i can't stop uttering something when i encounter a INTERESTING topic to chat about.
  • The class is currently having a very unpleasant smell of POOPS. Luckily that cat did not leave that souvenir at my place. Or else i will have to hang Ambi Pur in front of my nostril all day long.
  • No musics. Owhhhh...
  • No dictionary for me.
  • Need to bring the heavy books again. That's why my books look so "well-used".

After carefully weighting those pros and cons (i sounds like writing an EST report. =_=), I've decided to ponteng on Thursday (Mommy, please please pleaseeeeeee~) and either one day from Wednesday and Friday.

Ha. Balanced. =D


This blog may have less updates from today onwards. MIGHT. Not because of trial, but because i think my life is getting more and more boring.

September: trial for almost the whole month

October: Preparation for SPM.

November: SPM for almost the whole month.

No life. WHERE'S MY LIFE....? T.T