Hari Koko + SWEEEEETT ''Couple photos''. =DD

Before i start on this post, i shall happily announce that i have RECOVERED!!! (even though not 100%, but at least 85% gua..) So, HOORAYYY for me! =D

Moving on, today is the Hari Koko for our school, and yea, i'm not having severe headache in school today! Weeeeee~ (oops. "weeeeee" is for small kid like sheen yeen. i should replace it with "wee.") Since i had missed the Koko Day of last year (cz of OMK selection), i dont wanna miss this for the 2nd time. =D

While waiting for some stuffs to be settled, we discovered that they actually used the coupon made in 2006 as this year's coupon. The only thing changed was the cover. =_=! That means, the coupons that you guys grabbed in your palms/ hide inside your pocket were made by few of us (Owh, including me. =D) when we were still in Form3, after PMR. What da?!

Overall, we loitered around in the school compound to pat-gua on what was happening at that momment. Singing competition was held in the multipurpose hall, and you know what, some of the contestant sang Chinese Songs.. Aww~ I used to think that it was not allowed. If i get to know this earlier, IF i need not to drink cough mixture these few days, i think.... i'll join?! Gahhh... whatever it is, it was over now... T_T.

The ping-pong room had been designed into a ghost house, yet i did not have the oppurtunity to have a try on it. First of all, the queue was so long. >_<. I just HATE to wait. Gahh. And the so-called ghost was walking around the school compound. Gahh. I know it was the Month of Ghost now, but that wasn't scary larh. =_=!

I did not try the Flying Fox and Abseiling as well. This two thingies reminded me of the racist Kem Perdana 2007 (oops. Am i suppose to say this out LOUD?). Yet, gah, it was the truth, WHAT?

Feeling bored, we went to the burger stall to give our helping hands to the juniors. And we enjoyed "playing" with the burgers, though (ahem, safe to eat. DONT WORRY! =D). Due to the shortage of vege, we have to change the price from RM2.50 to RM2.00 then RM2.50 again. LOL. And, MANDY CUT HER HAND!!! ouchhhh...

Btw, tada tada, the mashed potatoes were NICE!!! =D Fortunately i get to buy one before it was out of stock. Peace. Besides that, The Girl Guides and Handicraft Society sold 100Plus, steamed corn, float, etc..etc.. Surprisingly we earned RM2000++ today!!!! (erm, before deducting off the cost, larh. LOL.)

Later on, the Tokoh Koko was announced and as expected, it was Patty~ So we cheered for her under the stage, like a jakun, once again. Looking at her innocent face on the stage was enough to make us laugh out loud.. LOL LOL..

Before going home, we took some photos, again (It was like a tradition for us to take some stupid photos whenever it was a special event. Kahaha...)

Us in the Chinese Society T-shirt. Mandy posing like a small kid.

And, *drumrolls*, here come the so called COUPLE PHOTOS. =D

Patty + Bobo.. with that, erm, wedding cert?!

Ckk (with that weird brush) + Sheen Yeen. 2 small kid. What a cute couple. xD

Kai Jing + Julia. =D
More stupid pictures..
Kindly put your attention on the "V". LOOK! That's her plaster. LOL.
Cam-whoring. Shaunie's expression was so funny. i looked drunk. =_=

Trying to pose with "Julia's peace" sign. Kahaha.

With that, there ends Hari Koko 2008, with (mashed potatoes+ice blend+some burger meat+Cloud 9+some sweets+some chocolate) churning in my stomach. =D