German Fever + Mosqui-man !!!! (ROFL)

Oh yea, the school is sorta noisy nowadays, thanks to the student exchange programme. Apparently 2 girl (from Germany), one named Jenny and another named... Mervel? Maevel? Meaval? (Ugh, whatever lar. =P). I got no idea why were them sent to this school. I used to think our school is sorta... isolated?! Well anyway, this is a good news, so, whatever.

And, due to this, the students of SMKKK had revealed their true colours, which is... their jakunness. Aww. Shall i mention that.. i'm one of the jakun here? xD Oh yea, i am. On monday, Jenny arrived the school and FORTUNATELY she sat really near to me!!! (Phaik imm sat in front of me. She was beside Phaik Imm). As the assembly on that morning is EXTREMELY BORING and LAME (with those laugan. ugh), we started to chat with this new girl. And guess what, A TEACHER actually indirectly scolded us for doing this. Eh, come on larh, IF i am the one who is in such a new environment i'll need someone to talk to me DESPERATELY. Hello, you want a foreigner to sit their quietly, without understanding a single crap u breathed, just because u wanna memaparkan kaum malaysia yang berdisiplin and bersopan-santun. Crap.

Anyway, the jakunness did not stop there. We actually observed what she eat during recess. LOL.

Today, another girl came to our school and this girl, i can tell you, is HOTTTTT!!!! I mean, yea, we saw her from far and we can conclude that she's tall, pretty and mature-looking. She looks more like 20++ years old instead of.. 17 years old?! (Ahha! she's 17! Yet school decided to place her in Form 4!!! Argh!! Why am i form5 this year?? Awwww~)

So the jakunness remained and sort of obvious to be seen. If that 2 girls are described as magnets, we will be the iron fillings. Wherever they go, people seems to be attracted to them like what magnets did to iron fillings. xD

Meanwhile, when we were gossiping about the girls, another bunch of girls (Pav, Qis, PohYee and few of the others) walked to our direction with their piercing screams... While i was still in the blur mood, they, gasping in excitement, said that 2 German guys are coming to the school TOMMOROW!!! Ahhh~~~ A heartbeat later, it was our (me, Nie, Peh) turn to pierce the atmosphere with shrieks. Later on, when the news was brought into Ariel's ears, she did the same as well. LOL.

Feeling high (yea, we are), we made our way to the classroom and ready to spread the news to Mandy and the gang. Yet, we saved our energy as we saw their elated smilesss... And guess what Sheen Yeen actually said? "I WAN TO 'FEI' MY PROM DATEEE~" LOLxxx!!!! (Aww, ckk, i know that line hurts. xD) In addition, Yin Ying and her gang too looked ecstatic at the news.

So, i can therefore conclude that almost everyone was very high today.

Oops, correction. Almost every girl was very high today.

Cz, obviously, the guys were not feeling excited at this news. They were hoping that the German guys are fat, face covered with acne, short, whatever negative things u can name.

You all are jealous because we did not jump and scream over you guys, as you guys are not as hot as the German dudes?!?!


Nah, just joking. You guys may be hot, yet we have faced you all for more than 7 months and that's enough.


Anyway, Pav just reminded me something. During choir competition, the guys were so jakun (Ahha! i consider this as really JAKUN) as they were so eager to take photos with the girls from MGS and Convent. We, or rather, I said that "You guys look as if you never see a girl before larh..." and they said "YOU girls JEALOUS itzit???" Obviously, we are NOT!

And now, is the time for REVENGE and make them jealous with the arriving of GERMAN GUYS.. wakakkaka!!!!

Anyway, i am trying not to be so excited over this matter. Due to Yan Jing (USJ 12), her schoolmates were waiting for a Japanese guy for a WHOLE WEEK, yet that fella tak muncul-muncul lagi.

No! Plz don happen on us~ Pleaseeeeee~ You know, student suffering with stress of SPM will need things like this to make them smile. xD (Somehow, over-smilling. LOlx)

So, waiting for the hot dudes now!!!!

I dont mind whether the German guys are not interested in Asian girls except for Zhang Zi Yi (quoted from Madam Jaclyn Chan) cuz my main intention is to cuci mata. =D


Leechman finally found it's friend named Mosqui-man.

As the name suggested, Mosqui-man has two totally different sets of genes, the maternal traits from mosquitoes (hopefully not aedes) and the paternal traits from our MISS SHAUNIE NG MAY QI!
Oh yea, this mama-to-be is having symptoms of pregnancy such as: feel like eating Mee Goreng out of a sudden, even though she's attending her account tuition class.
Her temporary gynae, Dr Tee Yi Ting (gah.) questioned her about the father of the odd-embryo (i dont know which state it is. Let just assume it to be at the embryo stage). With her blur face, Miss Shaunie replied, "A mosquito?"
Dr Tee Yi Ting therfore decided to assign a new scientific name to this newly-discovered creature, i.e. MOSQUI-MAN.

Sounds cute right?

(This mosqui-man stuffs) + (The song composed from whistling sounds) + (Eating bread competition) = (Laughing non-stop for 2 hours).

I'm unable to control my laughters. A symptom of Dengue?!?! HAHA!!!!