Zai Bie Kang Qiao.. LOL

For those that attended POL in the school, you'll know what am i crapping about.

Apparently our Chinese teacher (or what the others called "Ah Beng". XD) taught us an poem entitled 再别康桥 (zai bie kang qiao. i.e. Farewell to Cambridge?!) by this fella called 徐志摩 (xu zhi mo). And this poem has a melody with it. And teacher SANG THE SONG with his guitar in front of all of us. *jaw dropping*.

And this is the version teacher sang:

When i heard this song, i thought it sounded familiar. Maybe i had heard it from somewhere.. haha....

At first i was still OK with this song (eh, this song sounds very semangat-ed right? xD), until Mandy stole my bottle away when she was singing this song. And this event caused a lil trauma in me when i heard this song again. My poor "Orange-Lady". XD

And, when i was listening to today, i discovered another version of this song (diff melody) sang by this new singer called Yoga林宥嘉 (ling you jia. A fela from Xing Guang Bang).

This is his version:

Not that "emo" compared to the previous one. xD
And it was using the poem as the lyrics as well!!!! (even tho the arrangement is not exactly the same)
I don't know why, but i got very exited when i heard this song.

Among all the songs with this title called Zai Bie Kang Qiao,
S.H.E's version is still the best!!!! =D

Take a look at here!!

Even though it was not using the poem as its lyrics,
but i just love this song!!!
It gave me a.. very relaxed feeling?!


ZAI BIE KANG QIAO gogogogo !!!!!!

p/s: i miss S.H.E. Heard that they are working at their new album now. I'm looking forward it!!!!! i need S.H.E's songs!!!!