A Week filled with illness....

Not enough sleep (cz i slept on 12.30 on the day b4. gah.). Plus, stared at the monitor for too long (need to find info on the HELP scholarship thingy). At the end of the day, i had headache (as expected.)

Still got headache for the whole day. And sy was in the same boat with me. High 5 ~~ (lol)

Discovered that i got flu in the morning. Got fever at night. The whole process (from flu to fever) took me less than 12 hours. Cool. I nvr experience this b4. Normally it would take weeks. Yikes. (oh yea, thx to Jacky's word "enjoy your fever", i really got fever few hours after he said that...)

This stupid illness was still bothering me. I thought i would be ok! That was why i was still so "semangat-ed" to come to school. Yet, end up i looked like some sort of wilted flower in the school as i was very dizzy.. ><. And even though i tried my best to sweat during PJK, my stubborn sweats just refuse to come out from my sweat gland (or maybe they did. Just that they was evaporated too fast as the skin's temperature was too high. =.=!). Slept for 4 hours after i reached home. Mom said "u sleep until pengsan itzit?!" I was not pengsan. I was just.. love to sleep too much. =D

Flu..flu...flu... Used up 2 pack of tissues in 2 days. Poor dustbin in the class. I kept feeding it with my mucus-contaminated tissues..

"EWW!!!" u might say so..

But it was not that gross to me. It was my own mucus, after all.


I dont know why but i just keep sleeping. Sleeping is my passion. SLEEEEEEEEEEEEP.... (or mayb sleeping is the best way to save the toilet papers in my home. Since i dont sneeze when i'm sleeping......)

Heh. who knows what is gonna happen tomorrow.


Oh ya, anyway, after this my-leucocytes-were-very-busy week, i can therefore conclude something:

Sleeping and Laughing are the best medicines.

ha ha....
Accidentally heard the song "digarhayu tanahairku" from Nasional.fm when i was playing with the tuner of my radio.

All the memories sudd popped up in my mind...

Aww.. i'll miss those days.. haha....