Supposely i should be happily preparing for the Girl Guide camp, yet the conversations between me and Mom really did brushed off the excitement of mine. Apparently, i don't know why, she wasn't happy with my decision to join the camp. Well, she was OK, before she knew that there were ONLY 3 OF US FROM SMKKK, and there were only 40 participants overall, and NO TEACHER FROM OUR SCHOOL WILL BE GOING WITH US. And, ahha, the things that i capitalised just now, were the main reason of her disapprovement.


I mean, what's the problem of those figures? I mean, ok, i can't deny the fact that if the others (like Nie, Yeen, En, Men, or whoever..) join us for the camp, we will have more fun (The more, the key-siao-er, the merrier. =D)

And, ya, i hope at least one teacher from our school follow us during the trip as well.

Yet, again, what's the problem of having 3 persons and no teacher? Doesn't mean that there are no teachers at there AT ALL. They are still human, after all.

And when i told Mom so, she just keep saying," So daring ah you all. Still want to go without teacher."

discouraging words, again. And they sounds so sarcastic.

Ignoring the fact that we may meet with.. er.. blood-sucking-leeeeeeeeech, enourmous lizard, wild hog (!!!), or even..... supernatural stuffs (eek. eek..), the camp is going to be FUN! Maybe, i am giving a very high expectation, but i do BELIEVE that it is going to be.. Fun.

And this shall be a REAL camping, whereby you have to prepare your own food, in the REAL jungle instead of, er, school compound (=.=!), and... no.. toilet.. (Or it is?! Oh no!!!! i need toilet.. I NEEEEEEEEEEEED TOILET! ><)

Gah. Whatever it is. just praying for the best. =]
Sunway Maths Quiz on tommorow. And i got zero idea on what to revise. Since, i dont even know whether it will be in objective or subjective.
Blog will be sleeping till Monday. Exp if there is anything interesting happening in Sunway College tmr, which, i dont really expecting so. LOL..

Chaoz~ =D