Ugh Ugh. Whatever.

OK. i didn't expect things to become THAT worse. From less than 5 person, until 10 person, until now.. mayb even more than 30 (OMIGOSH!), i just cannot control this matter. All those words just spread around (silently) so rapidly i doubt the speed is even faster than light speed. Eeekk.

And after emo-ing for more than 48 hours, i can therefore announced that i'm TIRED of it. Seriously. Whatever it is, i still have to stay here facing my SPM in 4 more months.

And SPM means almost everything for me, for now.

So i dont really wanna care about it any longer. Even though i told the others (i dont know how many times) that i wanted to bang my head to the wall or splat myself (Facing the wall. Like what pn. Chan had described. xD), i did not do so, anyway.

There was few times that i felt like cry out loud but i couldn't. The main thing was i was AT SCHOOL, and i dont want to be the centre of attention just because of my tears, ok.

There was few times that i felt like screaming, but, still, i couldn't do so with everyone around me.

And after feeling so heavy-heartened for so many day, i am feeling very NUMB now, with these matter.

Tears cant save the situation. It will make it even worse.

If i can stay BLUR and know nothing about this matter, my life will be easier and i wont feel AWKWARD. Gah.

But it was too late.

So. Lets forget about this and STUDYYYYYYYY~~~~~ =D

(To blog readers: Read the post on camp instead of this one. That is a happier post. xD)