To my add maths project group:

In case i do not get the chance to online at the same time with you guys, here are some stuffs that i wanna tell u:

Nie: the water graph, just try to minimise the extra part below x-axis..

Ckk: Type out all the question instead of procedure 1~4 only. Put the heading as "Task". Type out the Rubric (if possible).

Keith: Hoho!! Paixe.. paixe.. for the manual one, change the gradient to (1.35-0.76)/(6.3-3.2). Cz teacher said cannot take 2 points nearby to calculate the gradient, and the value of gradient as 0.2 is too FAKE, kononnya. So, just change larh. Paixe ah....

To ckk (again): Take the value of "g" from Shaunie, cz the value has less % error.

To all: Remember to do your own Front Cover and Content page! haha..... Anyway, take your time, try to finish it ASAP without using up much of your revising time. =]