While i was happily resting my mind after stuffing all the physics formula in my brain, KF approached me and sat at my left side.


"What?" My eyes were still glued to the monitor screen.

"How come Wen Jie (Hui En's bro. Not Keith. xD) told me that you are... dono 'what-what-ting'?"

"What-what-ting?"i paused from continue knocking the keyboard for a second or two, trying to figure out his question.

Pause. Pause.

Ahha. I understood.

"Erm," i replied, "it zit.. erm.. (whisper) ji..kin..ting.."

"AHHA! What it is again? Ji..what?"

i repeated that word reluctantly.

KY who was sitting at my right side (Ugh. I don't know why, but he just love to look at the computer screen when i am the one who's controlling over it) misheard as something else. Or rather be, someone else.

I corrected him, immediately.

And cz of this, i have to explain to them about the ridiculous story behind this odd nickname of mine.

At the same time, this two words appeared in my mind: HUI EN!!!!!

*Taking a breathe* "Well," i replied, "when you go to school on monday, tell Wen Jie that his sis is PATTY RAJ"

"Raj?" KF showed his blur face, "R-u--- (trying to spell it out)"

"No.. No.." i tried to correct him, but KY interrupted, again, "The Indian Raj ahh?"

"Ahha.. yeah!" i nodded.

"Owhhhhh.... but why raj?" KF asked again.

"Cz, apparently a Indian guy is trying to kao her, and then ahh...... (continue to elaborate on it)"

"as conclusion", i ended my speech," Just tell Wen Jie that his sis is called PATTY RAJ"


Patty ah patty....


btw, add maths group's member, read the post below, if u have not do so. =]