Sunway Maths Quiz

Frankly speaking there was nothing interesting happened there. These are some of my comments:
  • I ate A LOT today.
  • I wasted a piece of banana cake prepared by the organiser (i hate banana. ugh)
  • The sandwich was nice! (Currently in love with any sorts of sandwiches. LOL)
  • For the 1st round, the question was QUITE easy. And because of this, it was even harder to win.
  • The 2nd round was crappy. We only get to answer.. less than 5 questions from 20 questions given. And when they announced the correct answer, i could only give two reaction: jaw-dropping (don't know how in da hell that the number come from) or LOL (cuz get to guess correctly. =.= )
  • The lucky number of the day: 4 (cz this digit appeared in the answers for.. i-forgot-how-many times)
  • USJ 12 won, once again. They got 1st runner up (for group). Peck Fen's group could always achieve excellence when it comes to anything related to maths. From OMK to this maths quiz. EVERYTHING! ~.~
  • the important thing here is.. ALL WINNERS ARE CHINESE!!!!! (okie. i'm not being racist or what. But it's the fact. All the top-10 for individuals and top-3 for groups ARE chinese!!!! W-h-o-A.....)

And if you want an example, here it is:

+ I S

Given that S=3

different letter represent different number.

Hence, find the number represented by H A R D.

Try before you scroll to the bottom of the post.

Time given: 200s










Ans: 9046.

Get it? =D