Pieces of Shyts


exam. Once again, i studied last minute.Gah. Yet, i didn't actually put much effort in this exam. Plus, i kept telling myself "Ahha, it's just a monthly test. Not trial". LOL. After all, i would still have to read those chapter AGAIN before trial. So why do i need to kill my brain cells for this monthly test?

And cz of this, tada tada, I am ready to FAIL in exam for the first time in my life. And the honourable subject is... ACCOUNT. Imagine, one exam paper, with 2 main question. For the 1st question, it is 100% that it is wrong, as i cannot balance both sides of Kunci Kira-Kira. As i moved on to the 2nd question... HA-HA-HA. I totally have no idea to how to plot the graph. =.=! Partly because i have not learn that part in tuition yet, partly because i was too lazy to try. So, once i reached home, i showed my pure+clean+undisturbed graph paper to KF, and said, "i, am gonna break my record." Peace.


Add maths project. I dont know what to say. I dont know who should i place the blames on. Everything, was so unorganised. I mean, sorry la, i dont mean to point fingers at anyone of u and say, "You, truly disappointed me." I mean, i was at fault as well. I was a big failure at being a leader, as i didn't give instructions clearly enough, causing everyone else so blur about what was happening actually.

And yet, do u think being a leader is very easy? Try to be in my shoe. Do you think it is fun to run around, asking the others how to solve this question and that, showing my pitiful face to teacher so that she can extend the deadline, sitting in front of the computer for the whole afternoon or evening or night jz to solve the problems, worrying about this and that, spending my money sms-ing here and there to ask this and that, so stressful that i wanted to cry but no tears come out, want to scream but the others might think i was mad.....

You think it is fun?

Again, i dont mean to blame anyone of you. Is just that, ugh, miscommunication.

Full Stop. Case close.

Shyt #3

Emo stuffs. Not entirely on me, but on the people around me. And since the topic is too sensitive to be discussed here, i would therefore jump to the summary and conclusion instead of describing each and every one of the incidents.

I mean, it's not wrong to like someone. But if u r OBSESS with that particular person, then you are wrong.

It's not wrong to be emo for this kinda matter. It's not wrong to cry out loud (ugh, I'm not wasting my tears over this kinda matter now. Don't misunderstand. xD). It's not wrong to express your feelings.

But it is wrong if you are so obsessed in certain person, until u affect your mood for the whole day, until you would have to spend some restless night, until your studies was affected, until you don't even have the appetite to eat, or until you feel like committing suicide.

I'm not joking here.

We, all of us, are too young to die. Plus, willing to DIE because of a person at this age? this is so ridiculous!

If you like someone, why don't you use this "power" to improve yourself instead of hurting yourself? You can just make the person as your motivation, so achieve something good in your life, not just only for him/her, but eventually, for your own.

I mean, why not? instead of emo over it, we can look things from different perspective. Maybe you would say, "You angel meh? No feeling one de arh?". I do have feelings. I do not mean to ruin your dreams and imagination to your him/her. I'm just telling the truth:

Live for yourself. Not for the others. =]

Ok. Maybe this cannot be categorized as shyt, anyway. It should be a good thing for me.

I know there's many thing happening around/on me. Headaches. Loads of problems.

So, I'm going to solve them. One by One.

I'm not going to cry over these matters. Not going to bang my head off when i encounter these problems.

I'm going to solve them.

I'm going to grow up.

ahem. i mean. mentally. i know i cannot grow any taller. =]


Er. If you are expecting to read about some funny events that happened in my life these days, sorry to disappoint you with the craps above. xD

Anyway, here is one of them:

Apparently, when i was trying hard to digest the words of Biology Success, a bird actually flew into my house.

Yeah. A bird. Which is sesat. (like Mandy).

And since when MY house become ITS house?

So, to shoo it away, my parents decided to off some lights so that the stupid bird could get lost. And i was STUDYING. Do you expect me to study in the dark?!

So i cursed the bird as i said, "I'm going to dissect you if i fail my bio cz of your disturbance."

Thank god. It finally realise that it was wrong (LOL) and finally chao without leaving any "souvenir" in my house.

Mom is so grateful. Or else she would be the one who dissect the bird, not me.