Ok. So miracles do happend?

Wohoo~ Pn Ong kolian us who spent so much time on the project, so she decided to extend the deadline to NEXT FRIDAY. Hooray~~~ Pn Ong i love u!!! hahahaha~~

And, this means that i'll have the time to revise and i'm not doomed. Yeah yeah. At least i managed to study half of Chem's chapter3 (Redox) and did half of the exercise on Vector.

Ahha. i should be studying now. But i online instead. XD malasnya....

Oh anyway, almost everyone is very secretive today. And i can sense the figure of gossips flying here and there.

Jz cz of one thing.


ahha. Apparently the "couple ticket system" changed. So now, if u wanna go to the prom with a girl/boy as your partner, both of u have to sit together.

And Ahha. i got lots of comment regarding this system. But i ady blah-ed out everything in the school now, and i forgot what i thought of that time. =.=! Btw if i remember also, i wont list out everything here. Some comments are just too hurting or emo.. or whatever u describe it. LOL

The conclusion is: the system is... very the weird.

Ok, i never went for any prom b4, so u can say I'm jakun with these kinda stuffs, it's not wrong to say that. But i just think that this system is too American-style. Well that's what i think. =.=!

And cz of this, the atmosphere of the class was way weird today, esp after recces. Even some of the science2 students came over to our class. Gah.

You know, is like, during so-called "ordinary" days, everyone is like... friends only..Then today, after recces, there was a lil "something" among the classmates.. "something" that i'm out of word to describe it. =.=! I hope u noe what i mean larh.

Weird..weird..weird... ><

Btw, me and peh wanna be the ushers for the prom~! We'll be standing at the entrance, saying welcome to everyone, or sitting at the registration counter, or ushering ppl to their respective seats...

eeeeeek.. sounds fun. xD

K larh. late ady. Gotta save energy to bury my nose in books again tmr.

I dowan to study. Books make me sleep.

I only want to laugh. I only want to sleep. I only want to eat chocolate........ =]