i'm dead.

i'm dead cz:

  • exam is on next week. I havent study anything yet. Seriously. During chemistry i was looking at teacher's open-and-close mouth, without knowing what was she bla-bla-ing about (okay, partly because i wasn't concentrating. i feel like dozing off even tho i was sitting right in front of her). Plus, i dont understand the left flemming rule of physics, even tho i learned about it during Form 3. Worst, when teacher was talking about unit vector of add maths, i really got no idea what is that. Omigosh. I suspect i knocked my head to whatever thing when i was sleep-walking or what. I forgot everything!!!! so.... i'm gonna DIE.

  • i'm suppose to pass up my add maths project on friday. but i dont think i can make it. I feel so sorry to my group members. Even though when i first got the data given by teacher, i was so semangat-ed that i calculated the gradient bla-bla thing straight away when i reached home. But that time i got a percentage error of 13.xx and this stupid figure made me feel down a bit. i was waiting for the other groups to finish their calculation so that i can compared mine with theirs. Gah. I shouldn't do so. Cz end up i solved the problem by myself without comparing with the others. And teacher say hav to hand up by friday!! and today is wednesday!! And we still need to bind, this and that.. omigosh omigosh... i feel like a failure.. i'm DOOMED.
  • haven study. haven finish project. i'm gonna die die die die die die die.................................

gah. don care about me. i'm ady gone half crazy by the time i'm typing this. ask those who chatted with me during wed night.

Miss ET is a lil bit emo now. Oh may be not a lil. Mayb alot.

Make me laugh. cheer me up.. owhhhhhhh.....................