i dont wanna grow up.

Kahaha.. Is today a nice day? Apparently 2 cousins of mine, which is one from father-side and another one from my mom's side chatted with me. Both of them asked about my life recently, and obviously, it sucked. To be exact, my life sucked for the whole July (exp for 21 July. Like what i told Nie and Min. xD). I hope that i can be really really cheerful once again once it enters August. Gosh. SPM was around the corner and i just WANT TO concentrate on it now. Now the problem is there, waiting to be solved. I am waiting what to be done next. Hope to solve it a.s.a.p.

Things get more and more complicated when we grown up. I can survive any longer with this pure mind of mine. Yes, someone actually said that I'm too pure minded. I just want to make things simple. But obviously life does not allow me to do so. Sobz.

Thus, i don't want to grow up.

I just want a happy and peaceful life. That will be enough for me.

I'm tired of solving all these problems one by one.

Anyway, i know i was not alone.
Many people gave me advises and helped to comfort me by a lot.
All your words of consolation gave me the power and saved me from frustration.
I seriously appreciate it. Really.
Without you guys, things can be worse.


P/S: awkward silence? Or just co-incidence...