Girl Guide Camp 2008 (At Taman Negara)

*Omigosh. It actually took me more than an hour to upload these photos. =.=*

*A very long post indeed. Take your own sweet time. =D*


3 of us, gathered at Peh's house, were fetched by Pn Ong to STAR (SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah). Once we reach there, we realised something was wrong. Apparently we were SUPPOSE to wear the Girl Guide T-shirt but Peh & Sam forgot about that. So, being the 3 weird-coloured-shirted ones, we waited for the bus to arrive. While waiting, we observed the student there and realised that they were so COLOURFUL. They got different uniform for Librarians, Prefects, CLASS MONITOR, Form6, etc etc. Whoa.

The bus finally reached and the SUPER LONG journey begins. I mean it. It was.. approximately 6 hours! Imagine sitting in one position for 6 hrs! Aww.. Anyway the bus did stop by ones for us to have our lunch. And the lunch for 3 of us? TWIGGIES!!! xD (Since we had digested in some bread+lexux cheese biscuit+Pringles in the morning. Junk food monsters... LOL). While busy stuffing the delicious Twiggies into our mouth, we actually walked around and commented on the stuffs sold there (jakun-nye... =.=).

After the horribly-boring 6 hours (it was "horrible" cuz we couldn't really sleep in the bus. Or else you'd be suffering with neck pain as if your atlas and axis were separated. Trust me.) Slowly, we unloaded our stuffs from the bus and this was what we saw:

Stuffs stuffs stuffs. Need not to "Whoa". This was just a small portion of it. =_=

And since we could not carry everything by our own and walk for 10 minutes with ALL THESE STUFFS, teacher decided to order a car to take our stuffs.

BK girls (Bukit Kuda. Not Bukit Kemuning. Since we are not Bukit Kemuning anymore. lol) loading the stuffs to the car. 1 car was actually not enough. ugh.

Finally, we reached our campsite and it was located along a river.

Typical Malaysia's river. Teh tarik kononnya.

Later on we began to set up our tent. The other schools actually had separated tent for sleeping and stuffs. Whoa. And some of them set up A-tent as well. But the stupid A-tent's string tripped me for.. uncountable times. LOL.

After settling our tent, we started with our gadget. And since we were having insufficient sticks, we had decided to combine EVERYTHING in ONE GADGET. And the "Everything" includes rak kasut, ampaian, tempat meletak barang, tempat membuang sampah.

Peh posing with our 4-in-one gadget!! xD (Look at the shoes. They were still WHITE that time.)

By the way, BK's gadgets were really cool! I meant it! Look at this!!
This was their dapur. With basin, place to cook, place to put the cooking stuffs. So cool! Seems like they were really experienced in these camping-stuffs. =D

Done admiring over our own version of gadget (lol), me and peh started to make the peparitan. And guess what? We discovered more than 2 worms in the process! i was intended to cut them into half (well. Just to test their regeneration ability mah....)but the segment of worm just refused to be seperated. And Mom called me at that momment, so i told her about her BEST FRIEND---worm~~~ (muahaha. So bad. xD)

Meanwhile, Sam was preparing our dinner--Canned curry chicken + Very-oily-fried-egg (eeeek!!) + Onion fried egg (my version! =D I didn't know i actually CAN cook. LOL.)

Sam cooking. Btw, that was not our dapur. It belongs to the STARians. =D

Talking about the STARians, me and peh discovered that they prepared baked bean as one of their dishes! So we (yang tak tau malu. xD) asked whether we could have some of it. And they agreed! BAKED BEAN! HERE I COME!!! (Sounded as if i never eat baked bean for a century. =_=)

Since it was only 3 of us, we settled our dinner relatively fast. HERE COMES THE GOOD SIDE OF THIS CAMP COMPARED TO RULE-BOUNDED SCHOOL CAMP. Even though we were suppose to bathe later on, but since we finished earlier, teacher allowed us to bathe earlier. YESH. What about the school camp? Even though we had enough free time before the Malam Kebudayaan started, the teachers just DONT ALLOW us to bathe. This explains why i get to bathe 2 times during this camp, but NOT during school camp. Ugh!

Back to this camp. After having our bath, we were STILL VERY FREE (yesh, we had many free time here. Compared to the tightly-scheduled school camp. Again.) So we went to loiter around, again, before we gathered to go to another side of the river. But hey, it was actually kinda short distance, so you can swim across the river, if u want to. Hahaha!!! Oh ya! we seriously encountered a wild boar!! But it did not attack us, it only walk around the.. restaurant.. =.=! And Peh became jakun when she saw the real fire (we were busy spreading the jakun-ness of our school, esp to the STARians. xD) After jakun-ing around, we headed to the hall for a short video session, showing the flora and fauna of Taman Negara (Something like National Geography).

And finally, the best part of the day: Night Walk!!! =D The path was really muddy!!!! Yet suprisingly.. NO LEECH SUCKED MY BLOOD!!! Wu lala!!!! (To Men & Shaunie. NO LEECHMAN!!!! XD) We saw many cute flora indeed, such as rubber-sucker mushroom (seriously look like the thing you used to pump your TOILET BOWL. xD). Besides, there are glow-in-dark mushroom, and that's really nice!!! The tour guide asked us to off our torchlight and tada-tada, we saw those mushrooms! It was like, you were standing somewhere in the universe, with the stars all around you. Too bad i did not bring along my cam with me that time. It was really nice!!!! ~.~

Futhermore, Peh discovered some choc-like mushrooms as well, beside a BIG millipede, RED AND FURY caterpillar and so on. Some said that they saw a deer, but i could only see the eye (?!). Anyway, we headed back to campsite at around 12. Me, Peh, and 2 STAR girls (Hui Jan and Sze Hui, or the STARians called as Ah-Mah) get to book the 1st slot of sentry, which is from 12 to 2am. You know what, some girls actually able to wait till 2 o clock jz to bathe!! Again, compare to school camp, we MUST sleep at 1 o clock, and we CANNOT talk in the tent. Here? The students came out from the tent and chatted with the teachers till 2 o clock! That's the way!!! If someone really couldn't sleep, what was the point to FORCE that person to sleep? Right? =D

Day 2

Woke up at 5++. Had tuna bread as our breakfast! (Again, we were one of the earliest gang to have our breakfast. LOL. We are fast! xD) Had istiadat panji-panji later on. This istiadat was a bit different from what we did in the school cuz we did it in V shape instead of horshoe shape. Bla-bla-bla...

I bla-bla-bal-ed cuz i was too excited to skip into the next activity: jungle trekking!!! (5 HOURS!!!!!!!!!) So, it was EXTREMELY TIRING. Plus, the paths were muddy (like the day before). Anyway, filled with Girl-Guide's spirit, we finally made it to the 1st station: canopy walking!! (Photos in BK girls' cam. Will be uploaded later on, if i remember. =D) The canopy walk was about...600metres long, and some of the parts were quite "shaky". LOL.

We continued our journey to..i forgot where.. but overall it was a GOOD EXCERCISE, indeed, as my sweats penetrate through my shirt and wetted my bag. Aww.... In my opinion, this activity was not THAT challenging and adventurous but it was VERY tiring.

Look at my shoes weih.... =_=! If you would want to take a look at this pair of shoes now, sorry, it was abandoned by me somewhere in the rubbish site in Pahang. LOL. Since it was a pair of old shoes, anyway..

And, F.Y.I (espeacially those that created the concept of LEECHMAN), out of 40++ of us, only 1 girl from STAR got sucked by leech. Surprise surprise!

Still able to pose like this even though we were all exhausted. LOL.

After having Maggi + egg for our lunch and rested for awhile, we proceeded to our next activity: hop on to the Rapid Boat!!! =D (i was waiting for rakit, anyway.) Yet, Rapid Boat was good enough. Except the fact that (I dont know whether i should consider this as FORTUNATE or UNFORTUNATE) the tour guide was on our boat. And this really playful tour guide splashed water on all of us. And i was sitting at the 1st row, RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM!! The first splash was only seconds away after i wrapped my cam with plastic bags. Gee.

Me and Hui Jan. On the 1st row. BEFORE WE GET WET.

Peh Ge and Sze Hui (Ah-Mah). LOLx.

On the boat, we became jakun once again, screaming here and there as those in another boat were still dry. (Not fair! Not fair!!!) Yet, the more we screamed, the higher the chance we get drenched in those teh-tarik-river-water. Eww..

The boat dropped us at one little waterfall, so we gone crazy splashing water to each other once again. At the same time, we discovered some stone (or, whatever it is) which can "produce" material like water colour. Which was this thing on Pehge's face:

Pehge the Pikachu. xD

i wondered she can still SMILE like this if her vein really got cut. xD

Headed back to the campsite in the evening. And the tour guide was on our boat AGAIN. Yet the boat was relatively quiet this time, as most of us (INCLUDING TOUR GUIDE) were resting our mind with our eyes closed. No havoc. xD

After having our lunch and bathed, we went to loiter around again when it started to RAIN. NO!!!!!!!!! And our tent was actually leaking. Eeek... Pehge the heroin sacrificed her rain coat to save the tent. LOLx. It started with a drizzle in the beginning, so we started to sing aloud, when someone (not sure from which school) shhhhhh-ed us. Paixe-nya... =_=! Overwhelmed with boredome, we started to talk about weird philosophies and Pehge taught us to do aerobics. Moving our legs up and down in the tent. xD Yet these joker-activities couldn't stand long as i dozed off around.. 8++... 8++!!!!!! It was so early!!! and ahha, i slept. =_=. Because of this, Pehge and Sam did not get to eat durian cz they didn't want to leave me alone in the tent. *touched*... U 2 are great! =D

Day 3

Woke up at around 5. i might can sleep even longer if the STARians (who did sentry) did not roam around, singing the line "Bangun... Bangun.... Jangan Tidur Lagi......" repeatedly. Pehge was annoyed as she knocked our aluminium pot with her toothbrush. LOLx.

Had tuna bread like the day before. Even though we did not get to eat the durian on last night, we get to enjoy it this morning!!! =D (in fact, i ate 4 ulas and da-pao 7 ulas. Whoa!) The rain was still pouring down, so we did not carry out the upacara panji-panji like the day before. Feeling bored, we took stupid photos in the tent, again.

Trying to act like a stupid ghost. (dotz..dotz..dotz.. i know. =_=!)

Started to pack our stuffs when teacher gathered us to a small hut to list down our opinion toward this camp, according to groups. So we started to bla-bla and manage to take some photos before we dismissed.

Group 2. {from the left} [Behind] Hui Jan(STAR), Me, Nadia(STAR). [Front] Seow Wei (BK), Anis (Hisshamuddin) and another 2 girls who i forgot the name . =_=!

Went back to the campsite and started to packed our stuffs. Left Taman Negara at about 12 o clock.

Group Pic! I was the one whos head was right below the "N" of "TAMAN". =D

Once settled ourselves on the bus, almost everyone began to sleep, once again. Until we were forced to stop half way when the stupid bus got stucked in one of the muddy road.

The Stupid Bus.

Had our LUNCH on 4 o clock at MCD. Luckily i brought my Lexux biscuit with me, eh? xD After that, we started to pass our note books / papers around to ask for emails. Hahaha.... The bus stopped by at BK, followed by Hisshamuddin and STAR. As our school SMKKK was quite ulu, the bus did not drop 3 of us there and went to STAR instead. So 3 of us became temporary STARians as well. Haha!! Had a good time keh-po-ing with the others. =D

Reached home around 8, fetched by Pehge's parents. And had my dinner at 9++. Omigosh. Eating dinner late will cause us to be more likely to gain weight. Gah.

With this, i therefore end my long-long post on Taman Negara. It was FUN!!!!

p/s: i still hate hackers. READ THE POST ABOVE THIS POST. i posted it when i was half way editing this post. peace.