English camp...

before i start my story, WATCH THIS:


it is MARVELOUS. BREATHTAKING. FASCINATING. Whatever word that can describe it.
My heart paused a second or two as my eyes FIXED on the monitor for that whole 2++ minutes.

Really. Superb.
Ok. I'm not crazy. I'm just addicted to piano, even though i have zero skill in playing this music instrument. Yet, the melody produced from piano, could seriously touched my heart. SERIOUSLY!
Anyway, back to the title of the post. Early in the morning, with my dreamy look, and that near-to-skin-colour shirt on me, i stepped into the school. =.=. Gah, maybe it's true that we look as if we wore nothing with that shirt on us. Hooray. A new pyjamas for me. LOL.

Guess what? Once we reached there, we saw another bunch of prefects with their nice and super-yeng uniforms. And look at our attire again. Oh my. Now you know how to apply the idiom "Bagai langit dengan bumi". Or was it? Gah. I'm just sucks in applying peribahasa. =.=

Oh, let me go through the activities of the day, chronologically:

Message in the Bottle
lol. actually why were they giving us talk on how to write a.. resume..?! I mean, it might be applicable when we were applying for scholarships, ahha, yet the whole thing is revolving aroung RESUME. Gah. i wondered if i would still remember what he said by the time i start to applying for a job (perhaps, in 10 years time. ><). Without jotting down what he had said, i could only recall one thing regarding this person: He loves PJ. He anti-KK. LOL.

Breakfast time
i only had a sandwich since i had my breakfast this morning. The tea was really sweet (gah. diabetes leh!), but the sandwich tasted nice! xD

Butterflies in My Stomach
if you would ask me to come out with a sentence to conclude this slot, i would say: "THE SPEAKER WAS VERY CUTE!!!" LOL. I mean it, frankly. I do not refer to her appearance, but the way she delivered her message. She was a speaker which could attract our attentions, with her jokes, even though she might have to, er, act-cute/cool. She just dont mind to "make fun" of herself. I truly admire her courage to stand on the stage and conduct the slot with this way. I wished i was her. Ahha. I was really bad in communicating. I knew it. Gah.

Plus, i had a good laugh during this slot.

Ignoring the freaking air-conditional, i mean.

Are You Sinking

First of all, i would love to show my appreciation to my beloved blog readers for reading the post until here. Your effort and kindness would be remembered. Would you mind to continue reading it? i'm terribly sorry if the words stated above had hypnotised you. Do you happened to know that the blog's owner was referring to the lovely green paper while she was typing this?

Gah. i couldn't continue any longer. Limited vocabulary.

The talk was on the ways to communicate in proper english. And if i would to talk to you like this:

I am sorry to bother you. Could you do me a favour? I would be pleased if you could give me a lift. bla bla bla.......

you would be laughing your head off.

B'cz, the true Malaysian style, is this:

Eh, brother, today no one can fetch me larh, you can fetch me ah? Paixe ah! haha....

Kahaha. That's my stlye, as well. LOL

Lunch + "Shopping"
*Mandy ahhhh...... the chicken rice prepared this time is really FAR MORE BETTER than the one we had for FRIM*

Skip the chicken rice part.

After lunch, we had plently of time before the time reached 12.20. So we went to the Klang Parade downstair to have a walk. Apparently, the others seems to pay a visit here seldomly. But tell you what, i've been leaving my footsteps here for so many times that i feel so bored of it. (FYI, i'm going there AGAIN tmr, as Dad have something to be settled somewhere near there. Oh My... Family's weekly activity to go out for shopping during Sundays. What to do? xD)

So, we went strolling for arounf 15 minutes before we headed to the Super-cold hall again.

And within this 15 minutes, we saw.. 3 lala-s.


ICT Movie Maker
Before i start to describe the slot, i would like to say, the computer lab of HICT, is so cool! [i mean, eh, compared to our ones. LOL]

Yet, this slot was quite boring, since most of us had learned how to use Window Movie Maker. So, we started to suft the net (silently. shhhh) and i discovered that my blog looked different in that comp compared to my comp. Gah.

Later on we went to you-tube and sang to the computer which did not have a speaker with it. LOL.

After this we gathered and had our photography session. The guys said "kejU instead of "chEESE". So i think they would look like one whole bunch of human-skinned fish which were so desperate to kiss people.

And that, conclude the day.

Extra notes:
#1: the hall, as mentioned before, was FREAKING cold! i was shivering all the time, and i could feel my heart trobbing so fast against my ribs, not because of panic or whatsoever, but because of the TEMPERATURE. I could even feel my stomach trembling. LOL

#2: i went to the toilet of HICT for more than 7 times today.

#3: i'm very sleepy now. i need to chao.

Nitez, bloggie. =]