Overall, i did not expect to get anything for this yr, since i could only attemp a few questions (which was more like tembak-ing. XD). If i could get the award this yr, i'll bang the wall 1st cz i know i am in a dream. LOL.

The best part of the day wasn't during the competition, but things happend b4 and after that.

No1: Ji Kin and Mandy keep on "pijak" each other while we were waiting for the clock to struck 10. And Mandy was being "pijak-ed" until speechless. LOL

No.2: Our Forever Sesat here did something sesat again. Since we could pass up the paper earlier if we wanted to do so, some of our friends leave the hall about 20minutes b4 the thing ended. Miss Sesat Mandy thought the time was up so she passed up her paper too. Later on she looked at me in a wonders cz i did not pass up my paper. Then only she realise SHE NEED NOT THE PASS UP THE PAPER SO EARLY. Gee. Sesat sesat sesat. Cz of this, we have to stiffle our laughters for that 20 minutes cz it was impossible to laugh out loud in the EXAMINATION HALL (duh...). Plus, i was hungry, very hungry (my breakfast had been oxidised in a higher rate to supply enough oxygen for my brain. xD). Cz of these things, my stomach was so pain. Aww....

Later on in the bus, Mandy did stupid stuffs again. When the bus stopped down for awhile, there was a lorry beside us, so Men said she wanna say a big "hi" to the driver. To make things even more interesting, we dared her to FLY-KISS dat fella. When the fella finally turned to our direction, Men seriously waved to him. OMIGOSH. All of us laughed so much until my stomach ached again.. =.=! Luckily she did not really fly-kiss that driver.. or else he'll step on the wrong pedal and...... *vroooooommm*.....*ba-booooom....*..........*ni-no-ni-no-ni-no------*.


Men too intented to do some pole dancing in the bus but too bad there wasn't any pole there.

We started to whack ppl's forehead once again. LOL.

And all these conclude my journey to Universiti Melaya on the 21th of June. xD

p/s: Me and my bro-s looked back at our old photos (taken few years ago) in our comp as my 2nd bro need to dig out some photos for his History Project. And we found out so many funny videos (or rather be it "mini-movie"-s, staring Mr. KF) that made me laughed till my tears came out, AGAIN.

Like i've said, i laughed a lot these days.... =.=!